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Getting double spaces in between paragraphs instead of just one.

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When I hit the post message button, the post that I typed up gets two spaces between paragraphs (if I'm writing a multi-paragraph post) instead of the one I had created.

Does this have to do with me using Chrome perhaps?

For now, I can just modify my funked up posts, as there's no issue once I modify it. Unfortunately, that's not possible in the Talkback forum, but I don't really mind that.

It's the advanced editor error that has haunted NWR forums FOREVER.

In the advanced editor window, hit that RED A all the way to the right just above the text box, and it will reveal all the code that was hidden before.

Other errors this corrects and/or lets you fix:
text shrinking when you start back spacing
completely forked up formating when copy/pasting text from a different site.

edit: imagery for clarity

Yeah, I noticed both of those issues you mentioned, too.

It's especially noticeable when I'm pasting links to Miiverse photos.

I'm glad it's not an issue on my end. Thanks!

Really wish something could be done about the self-inserting forum code....

it's kinda annoying. Is this a glitch in the SMF software? maybe a forum extension incompatibility?
I only experience this here, but I don't frequent many forums.

It's SMF. SMF development kind of went off the rails, so it may be a while before this gets fixed.


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