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I played through the campaign with my wife and non-gamer type with limited play skills. The fruit actually got dangerously low while we were working together because of how much more challenging it was to juggle my work while helping her elsewhere. There was a genuine risk we would run out for a few days.

I do wish we could hunt for treasure as well. Make it a bit more open-world/sandbox where we show up with limited supplies and have to gather food and other critical resources while also hunting for treasure and it would really elevate the entire experience.

One of the first things I bought when I got my Xbox 360 14 years ago, and really one of the reasons I wanted the system in the first place, was Mass Effect. It really seemed like a game designed specifically for me with its big sci-fi story. So anyway, I'm finally getting around to playing it now, two console generations later after buying it again via the recent remaster, and I'm really enjoying it. Probably should have done this sooner.

right now i am playing pubg and pokemon go

Last few months i've been finishing up all the achievements on

Desktop Dungeons (Steam):

I haven't touched the game for almost a decade now! I initially gave up on it because i felt it lost the simplicity and accessiblity of original freeware game. Transition from GameMaker to Unity also hurt them, i feel. UI instead of a simple "pick your class, pick your dungeon" screen became very bloated and confusing. New quest system instead of easing in new players only discourages playing further. Added class tutorials, puzzle boxes and class challenges were too hard. Even the new music i found too loud, distracting and a bad fit despite the pedigree of Grant Kirkhope and Danny Baranowsky.

At least web-version that replcates original DD is still there -- and was even playable in Wii U browser!

So this year i got back into Steam version to finish it off. And even if all my complaints are still true, coming back to it i kinda started to see what they were trying to do with quest system and building up your kingdom idea and slow-rolling unlocks. Late game unlocks in this game are kinda insane and require very intricate knowledge of game's systems. Back then i didn't even know how "burning" effect works, but it's basically mandatory to take down some of the later bosses.

Many of the class challenges and puzzle boxes i just gave up on and had to look up the trick or the exact sequence of steps you need to replicate to beat them. Deviating from that sequence, misclicking away even on one wrong block means failure. And that's kinda my general problem -- at harder difficulties game constantly requires to teeter on the edge where one wrong click -- and you're dead ending 30 minutes-1 hour run. I guess i can somewhat fix it by setting to only attack on right-clicking, but you can still fail by just "moving wrong" if you left-click somewhere you're not supposed to.

So as i was finishing this game (only 4 achievements left!) i see that they're redoing the game (again) with 3d graphisc and new gimmick of rewinding turns -- which addresses my criticism of sudden deaths by misclicking:

I am cautiously excited.

So Unrailed is free on Epic store. I liked the demo on Switch so jumped on this. Having a blast with it solo and with randoms online. Might even grab it on Switch since it seems like a great party game.

Goal is to build a railroad for a non-stop train by gathering resources to build the track the train runs on. Over time the train speeds up, but at checkpoints you get to buy upgrades to the carts that make tracks, buy new cars that help you, and upgrade the train to progress to new levels and slow the train back down.

Has a bit of a Minecraft aesthetic but plays like Overcooked where it is easy to learn but progressively gets harder to master.


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