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Ahoy my friends. I would like to share with you my little gaming collection/museum. Everything is themed and organized around certain games that I loved the most, plus what ever I managed to dig out of my mothers garage. Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Sonic.

I've managed to become a home owner in the last year and finally had enough space to display certain things in ways that I've always dreamed of! I've owned many of these statues since they were released day one but never displayed them. Some of them are older than my 10 year old daughter and only now do I have the means to display them in a way that I thought satisfies my vision.

Special thanks to my(as BlackNMild would put it) "fine a$$ wife" who put up with these boxes cluttering our closets and bed rooms for years in our tiny little apartment.

Still a work in progress, trying to tastefully fill in certain empty spots on the walls but you can see what I'm going for.

Charles Martinet signed this photo for me! "Matthew you da best! Wahoo!"

Gumdrops! That's a heck of an awesome way to have it all presented! I can easily imagine that stuff taking up room in a small apartment... all the boxes, all the occupied space... not unlike my current room...

You gotta hope they stop releasing amiibo so you don't need any more shelves there right? I LOVE the pictures, game carts and discs, art, did you know exactly what you were doing once you saw the room or did you experiment with the layout a bit?

Also, if I may ask, where did you find all the various display cabinets you've used? I'm still years away from having the organization and put-together-ness to display anything, but I do dream of sometime in the next couple of years being able to put up a curio cabinet with assorted stuff inside it!

Hey Kairon, thank you! For the statues this was about 16 years in the making. I used to collect marvel statues but only because they never really made gaming things. At least not the gaming things I wanted.

I displayed Fierce Deity Link way back in 06, Skull Kid after and then Sonic after that. I put them in Ikea Detolf furniture but after a few years I just didn't like the look of it. It was just messy and cluttered. Since then every new statue I purchased was only taken out once to be inspected and then just boxed up as I bided my time and money. I knew some day I'd have enough money and space to do things that I dreamed about. For years we were using the boxes like they were tables or something. It was lame but my wife put up with it so long as we kept them out of the living room for guests to see. Though when guests came over I still showed the boxes and told them my plans lol.

1 - So glad the Smash Amiibo or basically done despite wanting to play as more characters. I've got just enough room saved for the final releases. Mostly.

2 - The art, framed cartridges and discs, came to mind some time ago while at a friends house. I saw something at friends house, I don't remember what, it was a little nicknack framed in a little black case on the wall. To me it was insignificant but under glass like that it looked so special. I said I can do that! But with Nintendo! Then I remember going into Michaels because my daughter had some art project. I was floored that they sold those little shadow boxes. I had no idea where one would find such a thing nor what it would be called. Then I noticed vinyl album displays and CD displays. I know right then exactly what I could do. But this was years ago.

I never purchased any of that stuff however. Just the memorabilia themselves over the years and just stored them in giant tupple ware under my kids bed.

The japanese katakana sprite artwork on canvas came from Target. Since the Switch released Nintendo has released so much neat stuff at Target! I have these really cool Yoshi Egg mugs that are so cute during christmas time or some event. Some are kind of cartoony and not exactly my style but these pixel arts plus the canvas gave it a really "legit" vibe that I was going for. Got them during Switch's 1st or 2nd year and put them under the bed. Originally I was going to frame the club Nintendo posters from way back. But they are so huge I opted out. Not sure what to do with them now.

Once I moved and we were somewhat settled I tried to decorate. I took the games I wanted on the walls and got Shadow Boxes for each. After fitting them inside I placed them on the ground in way that thought was kind of natural and artistic. If you notice the games are attached somewhere to their sequels and such. Nothing about it was going to be symmetric so I played with the layout over and over to give it that certain "modern artsy" look I have now. Once I placed it out on the floor as we see it now, my wife and I knew, oh yeah thats it! Spacing them out was the toughest part. Lots of tedious measuring but it was worth it.

Michaels has better baseball bat casings for Amiibo if you like what I did there. Hobby Lobby's CD displays are better than Michaels for my tastes. The black circle that holds the discs are black. It just frames it nicer than the clear ones. Compare DK to Zelda.

3 - The display cabinets! MODUCASE!

I've got to leave but I have sooooo much to say about them! It's expensive but God dang it! Their shelves are MADE for statues/toys/collectibles! Those are 11 separate units combined to make one big super sturdy cabinet!

Last thing Kairon and anyone else interested in shelves like these.

These moducase cubes are mostly custom sized. So there are 11 cubes total. I could display each of them individually or mix and match them in almost any way I'd like. Also all of them are black frame white interior. Most people choose all black inside and out but I think the contrast between the black and white speaks for itself.

All black tends to such out all the light and it just never fully satisfied me. But the white makes the black look blacker and black makes the white look whiter. Plus I've got a black/white theme going on in my living room so I wanted the display cases to match the surrounding furniture. Couches, fire place, coffee table were all purchased with these cases in mind. 

- Standard DF60 x3
- Custom Moducase L90cm x D60cm x H130cm x2
- Custom Moducase L75cm x D60cm x H65cm x6
- Back half shelf x2
- Side Shelf x2
- Custom risers on the bottom to lift everything off the ground. x4
- LED lights came with each one
- reinforcement bars x8

I purchased 2 extra back half shelves and 2 full half shelves for the giant cases but only in case I wanted mix things around in the future.

Total was over $4000. USD

The length of my 8 custom cases is different than the standards but the heights and depths work out in a way if I wanted to attached standard cases to them in the future. Or basically what I have now. '

Moducase's customer service is phenomenal. It takes as long as 6 months to your cases delivered once ordered. Mine took 14 months because of covid and them moving to a new factory. Totally worth it for me.

I've noticed that the Comic Book store chain Comic Bug tends to carry standard DF60 moducases.

These things are super sturdy. Big enough that I can fit inside and hold my big 200lb butt.

For smaller figures you want the DF30's. They only stick out from the wall 30cm instead of 60cm. There is also a style for hot toys and stuff that come out 45cm.

If you are collecting and want something that can evolve with your collection to be made taller or shorter, wider or thinner this is the way to go. I got a few cases made 75cm across because I knew I wanted the Turtles comfortable together as well as Mario and Bowser comfortable together.

I used to crowd my figures and it was just too tacky. They'd bump each other every now and then as well. Spreading them out a bit definitely is the way to go.

That's a nice and super clean presentation.

It would also be pretty dope if the black shelves with all the Amiibo also had a light in them.
But the booklets with the disk, and the cartridges on the frames. I love the entire setup.

and I agree, the casing with the white shelf, and black frame was definitely the way to go. Looks great.


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