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first deal: $14.99 for Metroid Prime PLUS an additional 25% off right now at Blockbuster
$24.99 for Starfox Adventures PLUS an additional 25% off right now at Blockbuster

2nd deal: Gamestop... if you get the magazine Game Informer there are coupons for 1. an additional 10% bonus to games you sell to them

and 2. an additional 10% off used games (that's in addition to the 10% you get with a Gamestop card!)

NOTE: you must have a Gamestop card to use the coupons....

I picked up Ikaruga today from Gamestop for a mere $30.05, that was after I found it used for $34.99 and the 10% off coupon and the 10% off Gamestop card  

EDIT: Gamestop also had Wipeout Fusion NEW for $9.99 and Haven: Call of the King NEW (a sleeper hit) for $9.99!

[Stickied! - Ty]  

Block Buster is also selling RE0 new for $20.

EB has a similar % as gamespot except it's with GMR ($10 for $10 issues+you get the %10 off used games).

SWEET, right now Gamestop is selling REO for $24.99 used, $29.99 new

what's GMR?

Hostile Creation:
Metroid Prime should cost more than SFA. . . it's much better. . . (SFA is good, but not as good as MP)

True, but Blockbuster adjusts its prices based on different parameters.

for one, you can find the same game at Blockbuster with two different prices
why?  well because they adjust their prices based on the condition of the game...
so most likely that copy of Metroid Prime I saw, probably has some scratches on the disc
Most likely nothing that will stop the game from working, but you probably will either
have money taken off if you tried to sell it to say Gamespot or they might not buy it back
at all...
another thing they base their prices on at blockbuster is the amount of games in stock
and how long it's been since a game has not sold


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