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The OFFICIAL Big N rumor thread *bring your own salt*

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Can I make a "official" thread? Well here it is anyway. Just remember these are just rumors and are to be taken with grain of salt. Posted here purely for discussion and not posted as facts of any kind.


First up:
En Voz Baja XIII: "Wiispering" (English Version) translated from
Those editions where we repeated once and again that this section is a compilation of rumors, and remembered the meaning of that word, are now gone. Besides, it is known that some of our gossips have become fulfilled later (yes, like our accurate certainty about Namco's Horse Racer Game). However, some others were simple office rumors.

Therefore, we invite you all to this new amount of "gossips" from the gaming industry, which comes as varied as interesting.


Just before last E3, one of our contacts talked about the possibility to see Panzer Dragoon in our Wiis next year, could it be one of Sega's unannounced tittles?

This time we bring you a rumor which we hope will never become truth. It seems that Hideo Kojima's Project has been temporarily cancelled, and probably ported to PS3. Control innovations would still remain in that platform. According to our sources, it would perfectly adapt to the PS3 controller and its new functions, that's why Sony is trying to pay for the exclusivity. So right now, this project is in the air.

Aside from the new Pokémon that has been announced (Pokémon Stadium style), it seems that the development of a brand new title has begun, codename: Pokémon RPG. Nothing else is known about this, although with that name…

And now we go with Resident Evil (although the information received seems a little bit weird). It seems that Capcom is really committed with the Wii version: the game will use an improved version of RE4's engine, greatly pushing the graphical quality.
The control scheme will be the same used in RE4, but using the capacities of the wiimote. What lead us to confusion is the following… it's said that they already have Chris Redfield finished model and part of Raccon City stage after being destroyed… ??. In addition it seems that Capcom could be developing another brand new Survival Horror IP, only for Wii.

Entering NDS topic, we rescue a past rumor from the tenth edition, where we mentioned a possible second part for Super Mario 64 DS (a sequel, but with another name). But this time we add another incoming Mario title: New Super Mario Bros sequel, also for DS.

A new project from Nintendo could be in development but in this you'll need a Nintendo DS in order to play, since Wii will send data to the DS like some sort of PDA of the main character of the game. In the DS it will be possible to solve puzzles or receive information, which later will interact with the game at the television. Possibly it is a first person adventure, stressing again the more adult nature of the new Nintendo IPs.

Now we jump to Super Smash Bros Brawl. Almost by fact, Sonic will be within the cast of characters, and of course will have exclusive actions and objects, for example, become Supersonic, or an emerald to use against his opponents.

The new Miyamoto's concept with Mario Galaxy can be deeper as first thought. At E3, they showed only one planetary system with several destinations to explore in form of small planets, but the latest rumors would aim at a complex set of several systems that we have to find out. And in them we will find some really big planets, for instance, one that is supposedly very similar to the Earth in features and size.

Let's speak about a fantasy one: Eragon, a game based on the film scheduled for Christmas - based as well on books by Christopher Paolini, (confirmed at this moment for all platforms except Wii and PS3). Vivendi would want to bring it, but it seems that Nintendo is not convinced yet. Same problem face both companies with Scarface, but in this case the Great N seems much more negative about the style of the game (perhaps if both titles took more advantage of Wii's gaming freedom…).

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which tries to become the game of the year (and of the History), also wants to bring more rumors than anyone. At this moment loads of side-quests would be being added. Even it has been said that we will be able to hunt insects with a virtual net (you already know how). It seems that our friend Tingle will return to give the funny (?) side of this chapter. But as we already know, the drama and maturity will reign in the argument. So it is that Link could suffer extremely while the twilight princess gains an importance we've never seen before. According to what we've been told, several endings are being handed, and one of them will be chosen very soon. In addition, the staff behind the game will have to do their best if they want the game to arrive in time (We hope!).

Long time ago we said that Nintendo wanted to take up the Star Fox saga again in Wii with the quality that it deserves. Rumors have it that some old Rare workers would have joined to the project.

Without a doubt, Shigeru Miyamoto's new IP has been the most mysterious project of Mario's company for years. Let's take two possible rumored notes: codename "Pulse", slight commentary "a game that changes in a daily basis".

Square is worried with the amount of available Lites at Final Fantasy III release date. Without a doubt this is one of the hits of the year, and if it gets the awaited success, the FFVII remake thing could become a fact for the dual screened. It would be the first time to try to seriously bring the 3D main series to the portable market, in its full power. Even it has been said that for FFIII, Square started playing around with N64's primitive FFVII engine.

This one seems obvious: they told us that Superman will be more multiplatform than ever, and also will try to take advantage of the movies-mania in Wii.


The peripheral party for Wii begins. If everything is fulfilled, we'll have headphones, cameras, hard disks… even a specifically designed wireless keyboard, with that common Apple style, and a blue-lighted button specially set to WiiConnect24, which warns about new contents. Besides, WiiConnect24 could also be used to maintain some kind of emission in the TV when the console is in StandBy mode. When you change to the Wii channel, it is not a black screen. On the other hand, the company's microphone-mania could lead to its inclusion in the final controller (although it seems very complicated to us). Who knows if it will be for the launching, or the supposed WiiTalk service, hypothetically scheduled for 2007. They still have to decide.

Now let's return to speak about the Virtual Console. Some rumors say that they are already testing with SegaSaturn games, but the process to execute them in Wii is very difficult, reason why a possible compatibility with a few selected titles is being thought, and not the whole catalogue. Another old rumor that sounds even stronger this time is SNK with Neo-geo games. In addition it seems that Nintendo is in conversations with MAME parents to make it compatible with Wii so some arcade ROMS could be downloaded legally… a big success would be, without a doubt.

About the launch date. Many (MANY) dates are considered today (so this could be wrong). We make our bet and say what has arrived to our ears (be careful, RUMORS). Probably October , 16th - 21st in Japan and before the end/early Nov in Europe/USA, always considering that the console would be in the street at least two weeks before PS3. Wii colors for Europe: black and white.

Nintendo would like to offer a software system to create compatible games for the Virtual Console, with packages of editable maps, characters, actions…. No more information has arrived about.

It may seem as a small curiosity, but we should notify the supposed effort that they will make to redesign NoE's main site. It's planned before the Wii's launch, willing to reach the level of the American and Japanese versions.
--- End quote ---

In summary:
The Good news
-An Actual Pokemon RPG may be in the works
-Resident Evil Wii is coming along nicely, and new Survivor horror IP may be in the wooks too
-Sequel to New Super Mario Bros. in the works
-Sequel to Super Mario 64 DS in the works
-A WiiDS connectivity game is in the works
-Sonic is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-Lots of side-quest still being added to Zelda: Twilight Princess
-Tingle is also in Zelda: Twilight Princess (good news?)
-Square/Enix is in the prepared to do a FFVII for DS if FFIII is the success they are expecting
-Many peripherals are in the works and a Mic may even be added to the Wiimote
-Sega Saturn, Neo Geo & Arcade roms may be coming to the Virtual Console

The Bad news:
-Kojima's exclusive new Wii game might get moved to PS3 instead
-Tingle is also in Zelda: Twilight Princess (bad news?)

Is this all just a load of crap? Did we know some of this stuff already? Have you heard something different? Do you like what you hear? Which ones do you think just sound like crap, which one do you really hope to come true?
Updated 7/14/2006

NEW Rumors straight from the EGM rumor mill *more salt needed*

If DQ Wii and DQ DS sell well then Dragon Quest IX will be exclusive for Wii
& SquareEnix is working on a MMORPG in the Mana Universe

and one for the DS because I don't want to start another thread
Mother(Earthbound) Compilation for DS complete with Touchscreen capabilities.

If either of the first two have any truth to them, such as DQ is also coming to Wii or a NEW Mana game is coming to Wii, it is definately very very good news, especially if exclusive and/or MMO

as for the DS rumor, I would guess that this is great news as I've never played the game and I have no idea how much Japan or the U.S loves Mother/Eathbound.
Updated 07/25/2006


Originally posted on forums
-First off let me say that the full scope of the Wii controller details has yet to be revealed by PixArt and Nintendo. Although I cannot elaborate any further let me say that the Nintendo should show that the movement in 3D space will allow experiences outside of just the TV screen. And its not 3D projection related.

-The official launch date has yet to be set in stone but will indeed launch before Sony’s PS3.

-Ironically enough, the first game that will be shown to the public that demonstrates the full scope of Wii controller potential will be Dragonball Z Budokai 4.

-When Nintendo first showed the controller at Tokyo Game Show late 2005 they were very hesitant to show it full usage. I will allow one more clue to my finding that the Wii controller can function exactly as we all have seen demonstrated WITHOUT the sensor bar. So ask yourselves, why need a sensor bar?

-The sensor bar was in all actuality in no use at E3 2006. What is will allow hasn’t been shown yet.

-According to people who are working close to everyday events at Nintendo R&D, Nintendo Wii specifications were far and away developed solely for that machine.

-IBM and ATI have been working on Broadway and Hollywood for quite some time now. And according to many people Wii’s specs could go up or down at this point in the CPU/VPU departments. Apparently Nintendo has spent quite a lot of money having IBM and ATI fabricate many iterations of Broadway and Hollywood. Which range from a 3.4GHz-730MHz Broadway CPUs, and 1.2GHz-553MHz custom ATI/Nintendo Hollywood VPU. From what we hear Hollywood is key to the Wii’s power. The architecture is all about eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing performance, upgrade of the CPU with the slight downgrade of the graphics processor compliments this philosophy, striking a great balance for Wii. However, it was also indicated that since Hollywood is a truly extreme “Flipper II” and Broadway is a massively upgraded “Gekko II” at least in architecture. That early on Nintendo R&D took a good look at what GameCube did good and what it could have done better. It was mentioned that GameCube’s Flipper was an extremely powerful chip far more capable than even the Xbox’s. The Gekko design meant for balance, though was not able to support but about 50% of the ArtX’s Flipper’s power. This particular bottleneck has been ironed out allowing Broadway to fully complement Hollywood to its maximum potential and vise-versa. The initial estimates we got concerning final hardware spec was Broadway at around 1.5GHz and Hollywood at 555MHz.

-There is also word that Nintendo in private sessions has big plans for the Wii headset. Talk is, that Nintendo wants to lean away from having the headset only for online capability. They are wanting to go further. Having the headset of course include a microphone for use in games is a given. But there was also talk of a late to launch release of this “gyroscopic headset” that would be supported by the sensor bar as well. To sum up the theory we were privy to. The headset would be somewhat sensitive to movement that could be translated into the game. Such as if you get up and move to the right of your television something might correspond for that in the game. Such as dodging things, looking around corners etc. It was also mentioned that it might have a unique look and non-obstructive lightweight design.

-Our latest discovery concerning Wii software is that developer Nibris (Raid Over the River, Sadness) has received Wii development kits and has partnered with publisher Majesco.
--- End quote ---
Quick Summary
-Wii controller still has a secret(movement in 3-d space not presented on TV) DBZ: Budokai 4 1syt to take full advantage
-True use for the sensor bar has yet to be revealed
-Wii could be more powerful than we have been led to believe(Broadway 1.5ghz & Hollywood 555mhz)
-Gyroscope headset to be released post launch(used for more than online chat<obviously>)

Updated 7/31/2006

Official Nintendo docs leaked to reveal Wii specs?

The Wii Hardware

- Nintendo Wii’s ‘Broadway’ CPU operates at 729MHZ with a maximum bandwith of 1.9gbyte/sec.
- Nintendo Wii’s ‘HollyWood’ GPU is clocked at 243MHZ, the internal memory of it includes 3mb of embedded graphics memory and 24megabytes of high speed main memory.
- 64megabytes of GDDR3 (MEM2) as the external main memory. Just like the internal memory, it can be accessed from the CPU and GPU with a maximum bandwidth of 4gbytes/sec and can also store programs in the MEM2.
- The GPU of the Wii is identical to the GC’s but it is on average 1.5X faster.

Wii's Optical Disc Drive

- Opitcal Disc Drive (ODD) supports single and dual layer Wii disks, discs eject with software or button and the maximum read speed is the equivalent of DVDx6.
- Two main disc types supported the single sided 12cm single sided 4.7gb and the double sided 8.51 GB. Nintendo GC discs also supported. Some of the capacity of the discs are used by the system and games can not use full disc space.
- Inserting a disc will start the Wii console, even if it was already in an off state. Pressing the eject button will change the console to an on state to take out the disc also.

General Overview

- An optional wired LAN adapter that connects to a USB port is in the pipeline for users who do not possess a wireless LAN set-up currently.
- Internal non-removable 512MB flash memory used to storage game save data and downloadable content thus eliminating the need for a memory card.
- Both Wii discs and Gamecube discs can be played via an intelligent mode swap. When running in GC mode, the Wii’s CPU and GPU will lower to the respective speeds of the GC and some of the MEM2 functions as ARAM.
- Software development environment is an upgrade to the ‘Dolphin SDK’ used with the GC; the same libraries are used so developers can get up to scratch easily as well as the possibility of ports being easier.
- The following interfaces are included with the Wii; SD card slot, Wireless controller, two USB 2.0 ports, wireless LAN, 4x GC controller ports, 2x GC memory card slots and an AV multi output jack (only an analog jack).
- Supports Wii disks (one sided 12cm) and GC discs (one sided 8cm) and console auto switches depends on what disk is inserted
- More than just the Nunchaku is planned as an extension. GC peripherals such as DK bongos can be used in both Wii and GC modes.
- Three power status, on, off and unplugged. To prevent mistaken turn offs, the power button must be held for about a second.

The Wii Control System

- The Wii controller features; Direct Pointing Device, Three axis accelerometer, Wii power button (remotely turn console on/off), buttons, wireless connectivity, indicator LED’s, rumble, battery powered (two AA alkaline batteries) and ability to connect extension unit.
- The Wii controller supports three types of operations; by itself, with a nunchuk extension or with a classic controller. Classic controllers will ship to developers during August 2006.
- The SYNCHRO button on the Wii controller exchanges wireless ID numbers when pressed at the same time as SYNCRHO on the Wii console. Wireless communications are only possible with consoles which have been authenticated.
- The rumble motor can be turned on and off and the intensity can be changed.
- The Wii remote has a pointer for fine movements as well as a motion Sensor +/- 3.4G suitable for larger body movements, the nunchuk attachment has a Sensor of +/- 2G
- The sensor bar must be placed above or below a TV set, the pointer measures coordinates between the ends of the bar which are about 20cm apart.
- The Wii remote has four status, disconnected, communicating, establishing connection and pairing wait status.
- The pointer can measure co-ordinates within bounds of rectangle centered upon the sensor bar, thus it can also measure points beyond the screen. It also responds to strong light sources, windows, fluorescent lamps, fireplaces, mirrors etc.
- Due to players hands shaking while holding the controller, a ring buffer allows a precise direction to be created to hold and average accelerator samples.

*UPDATE* The dev mailed us and said he was shocked to see all these cries of 'fake', so he provided some more info to show he's not bluffing...

Broadway CPU

Broadway is Wii's CPU. Broadway functionality and specifications are as follows.

• Operating speed: 729 MHz
• Bus to main memory: 243 MHz, 64 bits (maximum bandwidth: 1.9 gigabytes/sec)
• 32-kilobyte 8-way set-associative L1 instruction cache
• 32-kilobyte 8-way set-associative L1 data cache (can set up 16-kilobyte data scratch pad)
• Superscalar microprocessor with six execution units (floating-point unit, branching unit, system regis
ter unit, load/store unit, two integer units)
• DMA unit (15-entry DMA request queue) used by 16-kilobyte data scratch pad
• Write-gather buffer for writing graphics command lists to the graphics chip
• Onboard 256-kilobyte 2-way set-associative L2 integrated cache
• Two, 32-bit integer units (IU)
• One floating point unit (FPU) (supports single precision (32-bit) and double precision (64-bit))
• The FPU supports paired single floating point (FP/PS)
• The FPU supports paired single multiply add (ps_madd). Most FP/PS instructions can be issued in
each cycle and completed in three cycles.
• Fixed-point to floating-point conversion can be performed at the same time as FPU register load and
store, with no loss in performance.
• The branch unit supports static branch prediction and dynamic branch prediction.
• When an instruction is stalled on data, the next instruction can be issued and executed. All instructions
maintain program logic and will complete in the correct program order.
• Supports three L2 cache fetch modes: 32-Byte, 64-Byte, and 128-Byte.
• Supports these bus pipeline depth levels: level 2, level 3, and level 4.
Reference Information: Broadway is upward compatible with Nintendo GameCube’s CPU (Gekko).

Hollywood GPU

Hollywood is a system LSI composed of a GPU and internal main memory (MEM1). Hollywood is clocked at 243 MHz. Its internal memory consists of 3 megabytes of embedded graphics memory and 24 megabytes of high speed main memory.

Hollywood includes the following.
• Graphics processing unit (with 3 megabytes of eDRAM)
• Audio DSP
• I/O Bridge
• 24 megabytes of internal main memory
• Internal main memory operates at 486 MHz.
Maximum bandwidth between Hollywood and internal main memory: 3.9 gigabytes per second
• Possible to locate a program here
Reference Information: Hollywood is similar to Nintendo GameCube’s Flipper and Splash components.

External Main Memory (MEM2)

Wii uses 64 megabytes of GDDR3 (MEM2) as external main memory. Like internal main memory, MEM2 can be accessed directly from Broadway and the GPU at high speed and has a peak bandwidth of 4 gigabytes/sec. Programs can also be placed in MEM2.

Reference Information: Nintendo GameCube ARAM is used as auxiliary memory for the DSP. The CPU and GPU did not have direct access to it.

Source -
--- End quote ---


Updated 8/04/2006


Apparently, the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly features the following rumors: One, that a Luigi's Mansion game is already in development for Wii, and two, that some Virtual Console games may be bundled with new games.
--- End quote ---

Originally posted by:

August 4, 2006 - Sources close to Nintendo of Europe tell IGN that the company is underway with a sequel to the hit GameCube sports title Super Mario Strikers. Furthermore, insiders allege that the title could be unveiled later this month at the Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig, Germany.

Since its release in the states last December, Super Mario Strikers has sold more than 500,000 copies, effectively making it a sleeper hit and likewise a prime candidate for a Wii sequel.

No details about the Wii version are yet available, but as with most Wii titles, it is very likely to take advantage of Nintendo's unique new controller in some fashion.
--- End quote ---

Updated 08/08/2006

revised story:

Originally posted by: IGN & AMN

number of big-name publishers are set to release their Wii games in mid-to-late October, which suggests that a system debut could not be that far off. And several insiders have told IGN that November 2 could, in fact, be the big day.

Thing is, not all of our contacts are in agreement on the date. Some have suggested that November 12 could, instead, by Wii's launch date. Regardless, though, it seems that Wii fans can look forward to their console sooner rather than later.

Sources suggest that Wii will launch with a $229 price tag and will be available in both black and white.

Nintendo has allegedly bumped production of Wii hardware to more than five million units by the end of the year, a significant upgrade to previous numbers. The jump is purportedly based on the positive reaction to Wii from press and industry analysts at E3 2006.

The console is unlikely to be region-free, although the lock is unrelated to hardware; a firmware update could theoretically allow gamers to play import software.
--- End quote ---

original story:

tid bits missing from revised version:
- Broadway CPU is of the 750 CL line which is a continuation of the 750 GX series
- IBM could be working on a downscaled Broadway that could be used in a future handheld, one that plays GC disc
- Nintendo has bumped production of Wii up to 5.5 million units by years end, which is a major jump up from 6 million by march

Updated 08/11/2006

IGN Wii-k N review...  <--*Warning* extremely boring podcast.

- Possible delay for Metroid Prime 3
- Star Wars Wii a go
- Dragon Quest Swords probably not going to make launch, probably more info at TGS
- THQ Wii exclusive event next Tuesday

Updated 8/13/2006

Originally posted by: Aussiedude
Nintendo to install "count down clocks" in Virgin UK stores today?

--- End quote ---

Updated 8/14/2006

An IGN Forums user, one who called the wiimote speaker months b4 EGM or E3....

Originally posted on IGN forums in February
Date Posted: 2/8 1:48pm Subject: Developer Comments - Date Edited: 5/8 2:18pm (2 edits total) Edited By: namlas

"The controller will contain a small amount of memory, which can be written to by the console (via Bluetooth) during the game. This will usually be used to store small sound files which can be heard via the controller's small internal speaker.

In demonstrations this system could be used, for example, to simulated the sound of gun shots coming from the controller when fired; when you put this together with the force feedback, it creates a game experience which surpasses anything we have been able to create before.

In other experiments we created a simple "Chinese whisper" style communication game which one player could whisper into the controller (we were even able to be in another room when doing this) and then the sound would be sent via the console to another player's controller which they could then hear. Great fun!"
--- End quote ---
....Has now let another little rumor out into the wild. This time its about wireless headsets, accessories that are transferrable between Wii and the DS, and Speech to text technology that is to be used in conjuction with Nintendo WFC.

Originally posted on IGN forums
"...voice communication will be via wireless, head-mounted microphones..."

"Some peripherals for the DS will be compatible with Wii and vice-versa."

"Many Nintendo first party games (specifically games designed for a younger audience) will feature a new system currently being developed by Nintendo called ‘voice to text communication’.

The system works using an advanced voice recognition system which Nintendo has been developing for several years. When a user speaks the sound is converted into on screen text and sent to the other players. However, rather than just plain text being sent the system also picks up the tone, pitch and volume of the voice and translates that into colour, font size and character set. For example, if a player shouts ‘I win’ loudly into the microphone the on screen text may be all capitalized, and in a large red font; conversely if a player speaks quietly the font may be a pastel shade and smaller.

This system also allows online voice communication to be easily censored by the user.”
--- End quote ---

Sounds good and plausible and this guy supposedly has a good track record, since he did call the wiimote speaker, and there patents for the Nintendo Speech to Text  technology.

Patent 1

Patent 2

Updated 8/15/2006

Post taken from another forum, but all quotes and info taken from

According to Nintendo Inside we may be getting a cheaper Wii!?!?
It seems Nintendo's stock has hit a new high on The Nikkei due to a cheaper procurement of CPU's due to a larger order?

Nikkei seem to think Wii will go on the market for 19800 Yen and not 25000Yen!!!

The sales price of Wii assumes 19800 yen.
19:05 Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It seems to expect to be procured at a low price, and the change of the package for CPU of Wii to be a sales assumption price of Wii to 19,800 yen from a past 25,000 yen in the report of Nikko Citigroup according to NIKKEI NET.

Because it is not a free rumor article, you seem may expect this. Do it become a considerable remark that decides an argument in the person who is hesitating whether to still buy Wii?

(Tarecomi Thanks you)]
--- End quote ---

Link to price topic

New Nintendo < Osaka Securities Exchange > hits a new high. (2006/08/15 15:35)

(code 7974 at 15:5) Stretch in succession on the fourth. The year's new high 22,310 yen on July 25 is updated to the first session, and gains have been expanded to the post-place. One o'clock is bought up to 22,810 yen of 590 yen up compared with the day before. It is continuously had a good feeling to have raised the target stock prices from a past 21,700 yen to 25,200 yen though the Nikko Citigroup bond left the investment judgment untouched by "1H" on the tenth. In this report?It becomes cheap the package for CPU (central operation processor) ..procurement.. ..the expectation.., and it changes from 25,000 yen to assume the sales price of the next generation family-use game machines 'Wii (We)' to 19,800 yen. The number of the domestic sale is expected ..expectation.. ..strong.. to increase by 50 percent so far, too. ?It makes it.

There was a point with "A recent exchange market price's tending to depreciation of the yen in the dollar and Euro becomes a purchaser hanging" (major bond) in the market, too.

..(.. stock prices of Nintendo/company overview/homepage)
--- End quote ---

Also Bloomberg are reporting Nintendo are up to there nexts in the development of brain training and Diet training type games for Wii, and expect them to hit by Xmas?

According to Bloomberg's report, Nintendo seems to be developing software related to dieting for Wii.

"Software related to dieting etc. for 'Training that strengthens the brain' and next generation machine 'Wii' keeps being developed, being progressed from the desire that it wants to make even the person who cannot master the game controller can readily enjoy playing a game, and new range of customers being developed. "

being saidI think that the exercise is good as the possibility of the remote control of Wii. Brain..tray..intellectual this

Analyst Hideki Yasuda of the ace bond is "Tendency to which the light user buys the game that it will not be caught in a past frame such as 'Training that strengthens the brain' soon by Kon, and the market extends though a terrible game and a wonderful game were popular up to now" and analyzes it. This year's Christmas sales battle was expected that how the light user was acquired would become a point. It is described, "The domination of Nintendo because it plans to put a light game and a casual game new for wii on the market".
--- End quote ---

Link to Diet games page
All on
--- End quote ---

So in summary:
- Larger order of chips = lower price for Nintendo
- Wii could launch @ $199 US
- Nintendo developing Brain & Diet Training games for Wii (million sellers in Euro & US?)
- BT & DT aimed for pre Christmas release

Updated 08/27/2006

Originally posted by:

According to him, or his source I should say, Nintendo has been playing us the fool all along. They have been showing us trailers for games that have deliberately downgraded graphics compared to what the Wii can actually do. This is to create an element of surprise for the press during Nintendo’s next media event. I am guessing that would end up being the September 14th press event. During this show they will show off Wii graphics that are “of a quality far exceeding the Xbox”, shocking us all.
--- End quote ---

Originally posted by
*RUMOR* From the desk of the Regginator

I don’t know what is going on this weekend, but since Friday night I have been getting emailed the strangest stories! As you can see, I haven’t been posting any of them, until I came across the graphical discussion which I posted below. I have another one for you guys that is so outlandish that it needs to go up. Good for a weekend chuckle I think. I apologize to the person who emailed this to me, but I just don’t believe that this story is true. I am more willing to believe our earlier graphics rumor, which I also take with less than a quater of a grain of salt. Regardless of all that, if it is fake, someone took the time to write all this stuff up…so why not give it a home!

Okay, now that I got all that out of the way…the pictures below are “supposed” to be documents written by none other then Reggie Fils-Aime. How did our lucky emailer come to find these goodies? Read his story below.

I noticed Mr. Fils-Aime putting something in the confidential waste bin, and walked over after he had left for a meeting.. the bin was full to the top as usual, and these screwed up pages were just in reach through the lid (without taking it off and spilling papers everywhere). There’s not much I can do to prove my credibility, however I think they may be of interest to you..

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Our reader says that he scanned the images and sent them my way. I have taken screenshots of the .pdf files, which you can check out below.
--- End quote ---

click on the link above to read the speech that Reggie supposedly wrote.

in summary:
Sept. 14th Nintendo will reveal the last secret of the Wii
The last secret is a Head Mounted Display
Disaster: Day of Crisis is the first game to use this HMD
Disaster is to release in January 2007

Updated 10/28/2006

- CNN has signed up with Nintendo as the provider of news content on tne News Channel in American and Japan. News will be presented by category, but another way of getting to it is by spinning the weather globe to find stories in different countries

- Sega has moved a significant number of development staff from PS3 to Wii over the Summer

- Although Nintendo has removed DVD movie playback from the Wii, it plans to launch in Japan next year an enhanced Wii capable of such a feature

- Nintendo intended to bring Wii to shop shelves in the UK and US for £150 and $200, but became influenced by pressure from the larger retail chains, which raised concerns over margins and low so-called 'basket value' (ie, the amount of revenue generated from a customer's overall purchases at the till)

- There are plenty of Wii Channel slots remaining to be filled

- Edge says that Wii Sports will be to Wii what Mario 64 was to the N64. Says golf has the best single player mode (no surprise) and boxing is their favourite overall
--- End quote ---


Updated 12/05/2006

Are we allowed to quote

well anyway, here goes...

“Something big is coming to the Virtual Console, something that, for the past decade, certain corners of the retro community have been crying out for. I wish I could say more, but the uncertainties of publishing schedules prevents me from spilling the beans too early. Nevertheless, if what we’ve heard turns out to be true, the virtual console is about to become a lot more interesting and looks like it might turn out to be much more valuable to dedicated retro gamers than we first thought.”
--- End quote ---

Updated 01/03/2007

Originally posted by: Spak-Spang
Ok, so GoNintendo has posted two new rumors.

1)Dragon Quest Swords will be a new pack in game for the Wii sometime this year.
2)Nintendo is about to make a huge announcement some time this month.  Possibly as soon as this week.
--- End quote ---

Updated 01/06/2007


- From Software is developing a Kingsfieldesque 1st person action RPG on Wii

- Fire Emblem Wii has two parts... The first part is the original Fire Emblem Path of Radiance..

- Nights Wii

- Square Enix and Disney agreed to put the next Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Consoles

- Swords of Legendia will be the first game of the Swords of series.. a Spinoff series of the Tales of series..
--- End quote ---


so, this is all just a rumor and maybe a page trying to get some hits.. or whatever

according to gamefront the page was told that Square Enix will sell two of its franchises. wunderlampe did neither say which franchises will be sold nor who the buyers are.

now some speculation from gamefront. they say that it could be the Mana and Kingdom Hearts franchise, which will go to Disney, because they started their own developement studio named Fall Line in November 06. Now for the wildest thing (imo) in this speculation: Fall Line was created to produce for Wii, DS and GBA.

so, take it with a grain (or even truckload) of salt

sources: and[/q
--- End quote ---

Updated 01/24/2007

Nintendo to release a Wiimote ver. 2.0?

According to some obscure rumor column from Japan-based Game Lab, a newly enhanced Wiimote is in the works. The rumor, via Game Front*, suggest Wiimote 2.0 will included "better grip" and rechargeable batteries out of the box, and that the revised controller will hit Japan sometime this summer.
--- End quote ---

Did Wii remote maintenance revise planned? 23.01.07 - Nintendo is to work allegedly on a better Wii remote maintenance, which is delivered at the latest in the summer in Japan. The Japanese Game Labo in its rumor column maintains. The revised remote maintenance is to be more easily, possess a better pavement grip and rechargeable its - Nintendo did not confirm the assumptions of the Game Labo.
--- End quote ---

Updated 01/29/2007

New Colors for Wii Q4 2007?

In a rather shocking revelation this weekend, an anonymous Nintendo rep revealed to GameDrift that a plan is running through the pipeline to colorize the, as of now, rather bland coloration of its hit console, Wii. The rep did not reveal detailed specifics, however did remark that a red and black console have been confirmed.
--- End quote ---

Updated 01/31/2007

Wired blog - Game|Life says that is has been hearing rumors of "a bunch of" games being announced by Konami for the Wii.

Originally posted by: Chris Kohler

Should we prepare for the Konami flood on Wii? The word on the street, the latest rumor, is that the publisher will announce "a bunch of" games for Nintendo's console this week.
--- End quote ---

Updated 02/03/2007

Originally posted by: Spak-Spang
New Rumor:

Gamefly has listed that a new Guilty Gears game is headed for the Wii.  This is great news since the Gamecube lacked fighting games and fighting games in general seem to slowing down.  Specially 2D games.

Originally found this story at and apparently Gamefly has been pretty accurate about there game posts for the Wii coming true.
--- End quote ---
I was gonna post this same thing, but I also heard that Game-Crazy originally had this title listed for Wii way back in Oct. '06 and Aksys had formally denied any such rumor in their forums saying "any new game announcements will be listed on our website."

Updated 03/10/2007

Did we miss this? Was is posted somewhere else on the site?

EA developing a rhythm based dancing game for Wii

Random Nintendo has learned that Electronic Arts is developing an exclusive rhythm game for the Wii. While information is still scare, we do know that the game will be an entirely new property.

The currently untitled Wii project is under development at EA's Montreal studio. The game, which reportedly has a 1970s vibe, will have players control dancers by moving both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. While it may sound similar to Konami's Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Mix, one of the main differences appears to be the lack of a dance pad for EA's game.
--- End quote ---

This game was also just referenced in latest 1up Yours podcast @ about 30minutes in.

Shane (1up/EGM) says in passing "well they already announced the microphone for the EA dancing game".
--- End quote ---

Updated 03/13/2007

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption delayed?

US online retailer Best Buy has sent out an email notifying customers who have pre-ordered Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Wii that the release date has changed from summer '07 to New. Year's. Eve.
--- End quote ---

Updated 03/18/2007

The rumor comes from the Japanese gamer mag - GameLabo

The meat of the rumour, which has been doing the rounds on several US and European websites over the weekend, suggests that a Nintendo meeting took place recently to discuss the subject of an external hard drive for Wii.

While the story might sound a bit ridiculous on the face of it, fact is that many Wii gamers have already hit their limit on the Flash memory that comes with the console - especially if you've been downloading as many VC games as you can get your hands on.
--- End quote ---

Source- Computer&

Updated 04/06/2007

According to G4tv, there may be a reason why Nintendo has not released Duck Hunt and Hogans Alley yet on the VC. The Gun attachment for the Wiimote labeled "Zapper" was listed as a work inprogress back at E3 and may be released sooner than you think.

They also mentioned that it was rumored that the Resident Evil 4 Wiimake and/or RE: Umbrella Chronicles may be the first Wii games to make use of this peripheral.

That would make for som interesting gameplay for RE:UC but I'm not so sure about using the Zapper in RE4 Wiimake. Motion sensing controlling Leon's arm, and therefore his aim, should already add enough to the gameplay.

Updated 04/09/2007
Is Assassins Creed coming to DS & Wii?

Well according to Kotaku, Gamestop & Gamefly have the DS version listed for a September '07 release and are offering pre-order/rental options, but according to NeoGAF there was a leaked list that also had it listed for the Wii.

I haven't seen this list yet, but as soon as I find it, it will be posted here.

edit: I just saw the leaked list, which is also from Kotaku, but the only problem is that the list was from over a year ago. I wonder how much weight it actually holds.
So for the meantime take this as non-confirmation of Assassins Creed for DS until a more credible rumor pops up supporting the Wii version. Thats what I get for jumping the gun.....

update: Apparently the leaked list(provided by Kotaku above) has been very accurate so far, as many of the games on the list have already been released. Does this add credibility to AC coming to Wii? Maybe, but as with every other game on the list, we'll just have to wait and see.

Updated 04/10/2007

Originally posted by: The Omen
From game tester land, or, a little birdie told me:

A new FPS from Free Radical is supposedly making waves through the grapevine of the game tester underground.  As you know, EA published Timesplitters:FP (I was testing Madden while that game was being tested in the lan area of the building) So knowing there's still a few friendly connections staff-wise, I am inclined to believe at least some of this.   Apparently Free Radical now have a deal with Ubisoft and they have an exclusive Wii FPS in the alpha stages.  The excitement going around about this top secret game is magnified because some think it's actually Timesplitters 4.

Why is Nascar 08 being held back from the Wii?  I don't was underway with online component and everything.  Perhaps it's scrapped until next year, or perhaps Nintendo doesn't want devs to announce any online enabled games yet?  Either way, I'm surprised.

A famous Capcom classic getting the Wii treatment?  An interesting tidbit out of sunny Capcom HQ, via email. "On **, the primary thinking was to follow the Metroid Prime transition from 2d to 3d, with perhaps some 3rd person spliced in.  It was a quick discussion but intriguing anyway.  Of course **** (name) wasn't supposed to squawk, but yeah, there it is.  But this type of talk is frequent with top brass, and a lot of times nothing comes of it.  But some times...."  Take this one lightly, but it sure sounded like a great idea.
--- End quote ---

Updated 04/12/2007

Samba De Amigo

Think NiGHTS was the only retro-game by SEGA coming back to life? Think again. Come Friday and find out what could be one of the biggest no-brainers in retuning franchises to Wii.

Let’s just say that DK: Bongo Blast probably won’t be the only Wii game you’ll be shaking beats to this year.
--- End quote ---

Updated 05/07/2007

Originally posted by: vudu
RUMOR - Rockstar’s Table Tennis heading to the Wii
--- End quote ---

Dreamcast shooter Karous coming to Wii

Originally posted by: Bill Aurion
Now Karous, on the other hand...This is a rumour I can enjoy!
--- End quote ---

Updated 05/26/2007

Crysis in development for Wii?

Originally posted by: ShyGuy
Crysis Screenshot on the Wii?
--- End quote ---

Updated 06/19/2007

Nintendo to develop games as a 3rd Party for the Apple iPhone?

-Nintendo to develope games for the iPhone
-Games released on the iTunes Shop for about $29.99
-Games aimed at the "older-casual gamer"

Updated 06/29/2007

Beautiful Katamari PS3 canned in favor of Beautiful KatamarWii

Namco Bandai revealed earlier this year that it was developing the next-generation Katamari Damacy sequel, Beautiful Katamari, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Up until recently, the developer continued to work on both versions of the project. However, sources close to Namco Bandai tell IGN that the studio ran into some trouble with the port of the game to PlayStation 3 and these issues, coupled with the stalled sales of the system, have led to the project's quiet cancellation. Looking to better-than-expected sales of Wii, the company has, say insiders, re-shifted resources to ready a Wii build of Beautiful Katamari instead. Given that the title cannot be ported from Xbox 360, the game is being re-concepted for Wii.
--- End quote ---

Updated 07/08/2007

Originally posted by: Kairon
Here's a nice juicy rumor:

Mario Kart will be revealed at E3, release in Europe in '07, US in '08, because SSBB will be delayed in Europe 'till '08.
--- End quote ---

Updated 07/19/2007

Originally posted by: Kairon
Thanks to a comment by Falafelkid in one of his stories... and conveniently reported through GoNintendo...

Manhunt 2 to be allowed by Nintendo DESPITE AO rating?
--- End quote ---

Updated 08/17/2007

Originally posted by: Mashiro

- RUMOR: Nintendo is planning to release a Famicom model of Wii and Nintendo DS in Japan, which will have the same color scheme used in the classic 8-bit Famicom console.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Updated 08/25/2007

Kingdom Hearts coming to the Wii!!??

The latest rumor on the street is that, the wii is going to be getting some Kingdom Hearts loving from its creators. The first ever Kingdom Hearts game will be announced for the Wii at this years Tokyo Game show.

The previous Kingdom Hearts games has been exclusive to the PS2 with a Gameboy version thrown in. The developers have already confirmed the game will be coming for the next gen consoles.
--- End quote ---

Updated 09/09/2007

According to [][/l], it appears that the pack in game for the Wii is going to be Link's Crossbow Training.

Updated 09/15/2007

Originally posted by: Bill Aurion

Original source is

Is Nintendo planning a 'Nintendo Autumn Conference 2007'?

According to reports of japanese wholesale dealers Nintendo will hold the 'NAC 2007' on 10.10.07 in Tokyo. There should be several announcements, unveilings and a presentation of the upcoming lineup.

Nintendo has neither confirmed nor officially announced this conference.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Updated 09/23/2007

Rumor has it that this game has been officially announced through Nintendo Power (and everyone says they never have exclusives)

Here is the supposed text from the latest magazine

“Long before Guitar Hero took the world by storm, cult classic Samba de Amigo (For Dreamcast and arcades) was helping gamers connect with the inner musicians. Players would shake a pair of plastic maracas (and occasionally strike a pose) as a sombero-wearing monkey and other bits of assorted madness danced around the screen. If that sounds like a perfect fit for Wii, Sega agrees; the publisher will bring a new installment in the series to Nintendo’s console sometime next year. Detailes are scarse, but you’ll shake the Wii remote and nunchuk as you would the maracas (naturally), and the soundtrack will feature a mix of new and classic tunes. Surprisingly, the developer on the title is Gearbox Software, best known for its work on the acclaimed Brothers in Arms franchise.”
--- End quote ---

Updated 09/25/2007

Originally posted by: bustin98
Time to add the rumor of Viva Pinata: Party Animals heading to the Wii. (Via the 1Up Quarterman)
--- End quote ---

Updated 09/28/2007

Originally posted by: Kenology
Dunno if someone posted this one yet, but according to EGM's Quatermann:

Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno (who also conceived and directed Tactics Ogre [SNES] and Vagrant Story [PS1], etc...) is wrangling together some of his old pals who worked on past SRPG titlles like Ogre Battle (SNES) to piece together an exclusive Wii game very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

Please let this be a sequel to Tactics Ogre: March of the Black Queen!  And I'd rather be in the vien of Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen and Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Calibur as opposed to Tactics Ogre and FFT - but I'll take what I can get.  Damn I hope this is true...
--- End quote ---

Updated 10/17/2007

Originally posted by: Kairon


Please please please let this be true.....
--- End quote ---

Originally posted by: decoyman
"Long dreamed by gamers, claimed in numerous rumors, Okami is finally confirmed on Wii. Slated for release in 2008, it is evidently based on the respectable Playstation 2 version that everyone is already familiar with, and lets you paint lines with the help of the Wiimote. A rumor originating with Capcom, and which is sure to charm Wii owners lacking in big-name titles."

(pant pant) phew! I'm sorry, that's the best I can do, and I don't think it's very good I apologize to any francophone who happens to come along and see my butchering of his/her language!

EDIT: Here's the other article, with my meager translation. AGAIN I'M SORRY OH PLEASE FORGIVE ME GAHHHHH....

"Despite its innovative universe and gameplay, Okami hasn't encountered the sales success that Capcom hoped of it on Sony's console. Probably in order to amortize its investment and to take advantage of its install base, Capcom announces the next outing of Okami on Wii. The question everyone is asking is obviously, who is going to take over development now that the original developer, Clover Studios, has closed its doors."
--- End quote ---

Updated 10/18/2007

Skies of Arcadia Sequel coming?

A little out of left field, however, is news of Sega reviving Skies of Arcadia. The sky pirate RPG was criminally overlooked, despite releases on both Dreamcast and GameCube, but apparently Sega been quietly preparing a sequel to the swashbuckling adventure.
--- End quote ---

Updated 10/24/2007

Originally posted by: Bill Aurion
More EGM rumours from the same batch the Skies rumour was yanked from:

~ Geist sequel in the works (would be rad)
~ It's A Wonderful World being localized

Also, Edge says Animal Crossing Wii to be MMO...Also of note in the article is the mention of a possible "Virtual Console" for the DS, in which we'd be able to play old Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles...
--- End quote ---

Updated 10/29/2007

Originally posted by: Kairon
So.... Portal for Wii rumor?
--- End quote ---



Originally posted by: BlackNMild2k1

-Sonic is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-Sega Saturn, Neo Geo & Arcade roms may be coming to the Virtual Console
--- End quote ---

I thought you said a grain of salt, not the whole shaker!

Saturn ROMS = ISOs = Entire CDs = bigass.

While I'm not a fan of Pokemon, I think that Nintendo needs to use the franchise on the home consoles like they do on the GB. Even take it one step further into a MMORPG. Could turn me into a fan (maybe).

I would love Resident Evil on Wii. And any other horror games, as long as they are well done. Using the RE4 engine makes sense, too.

While its nice to see some friends from Rare, I really want to hear what Zoonami is planning.

On a blog that I think many here visit, there is some speculation on some new Nintendo patents. One being on a shader tree, another being on emulation, with the last pertaining to adapting one system's APIs for another. I can see the last two being relevant in bringing Sega and NeoGeo games to the Wii, no matter what the original console is. No practical the patents are though, who knows.

Sounds like Square wants to make 2007 (or 2008) the year of FFVII. I think it would be cool to see the game ported to the DS, but I have little time for RPGs, and would rather play them on the big screen than the little ones. Ok, I am really considering FFIII, but thats different.

As long as Shiggy's new IP isn't a virtual garden where Nintendo sends you a random set of flowers and veggies every day, it should be cool. Pulse has several connotations to it, so its wide open.

I still feel the pain of Superman64.  I'm wary of any others.

Kojima is overrated IMHO. Unless he was making something really cool that his fans could get behind, I don't care what he does.

I don't want Tingle. Period. New side quest for Zelda is good. Even having new ones sent in over time would be great.

Thats all I feel like writing. But one more request. Someone needs to make a Wario game out of BlackNMild's icon. 'Follow the Jiggling Jugs'. Imagine using the Wiimote like drum sticks, patting each one and watching the bounce. It would be hypnotizing.

I'm not sure what your take on the CD games is Garnee. But to anyone who thinks that it won't happen, let me direct you twords XboxLive. XboxLive has 1.5GB game demos available so why can't Nintendo have a simple 650MB game on their Virtual Console?  I don't see any reason why full CD games can't be downloaded off of NintendoWiFi. Nintendo is suporting all size USB Drives and we have very large MemoryCards for the Wii.

All the rumors sound good to me. I do hope that the two bad news rumors turn out to be BS thou.
And if FFVII does happen for the DS, I totaly saw that coming! (check my topic on the GB/DS board =P )


Originally posted by: capamerica
And if FFVII does happen for the DS, I totaly saw that coming! (check my topic on the GB/DS board =P )
--- End quote ---

Sorry, not gonna happen. PSP.

~Carmine M. Red


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