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Yes, spoof accounts are becoming more of an issue all around the internet so we should probably implement something here on NWR. We've already had it happen here several times over the years, users swapping names and pretending to imitate each other, lead by an impostor that has fooled everyone here for 17 years. It was merely passed off as some sort of forum-wide joke or occurred on April 1st so people were too naive to suspected a thing. I've already been talking to insanolord about this issue but as is public knowledge, he and I don't exact see eye to eye so we haven't been able to come to any sort of agreement. It appears I'll need to try to hasten my rise to the top and become an administrator sooner rather than later in order to handle this problem before it spins out of control.

If you can't see eye to eye maybe the shorter one of you two could get on a box or something to make your eyes level? Seems like an easy problem to solve.


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