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Mafia XC: Xenoblade Chronicles 1 - Definitive Mafia Edition. Sign-up Thread.

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Theme to be determined? What? I thought it was set that XC would be Xenoblade Chronicles X! Well, that was my plan but I also thought I'd have finished the game by now only to have trailed off in Chapter 10 last year and not gotten back to it. That said, XCX doesn't really work as a real roman numeral so I suppose it could happen later during the XC period of Mafia games. I have played the original Xenoblade Chronicles so I'm currently thinking of maybe making that game the theme. While it would have been nice to have XC open to the whole series, I don't think people want XC3 spoilers right now and I still need to get through 2 so that would make the general theme difficult to do from my hosting perspective thought it could probably be done.

I've also had some other ideas for possibilities. Mario Sports as a theme or Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. Another Kirby themed game after so many years since the last one. For that matter, I'm always tempted to do another Animal Crossing Mafia but wouldn't mind doing another Donkey Kong theme, Jurassic Park and DC Universe theme. (We've never done a Marvel themed one but I'm just not sure I'm the best host for that as I just never got into that comic universe much.) And then there's Pokemon. Untouched since Mafia 8. I think it's time it was revisited.

In any case, I thought I'd throw out a sign-up thread for now since I wouldn't be planning on starting anything until Sept. 12 anyways. Once Backlaugust is done then I'll sit down and think out what I actually want to do and remind myself how to host one of these games again. But in the meantime, might as well let these sign-ups be open for as long as possible and see what the player response is. You know me. I'm always looking for that magic minimum number of 16 players.

Sign-ups so far:

Mop it up

For a current total of 10 players!




Sure why the heck not,  although depending on what happens in the next month or so with the move.  We have been approved we are just waiting on a letter in the mail to set the interview day.  The letter is supposed to be here some time the 1st week of September and then after the interview we have 120 days to find a place so we will see what happens.

So tentatively in and will update status closer to the end of the signups.


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