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Other Announcements From The Pokemon Presents Presentation


All the fun of opening cards without any of the homicide required to buy them.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/66438/other-announcements-from-the-pokemon-presents-presentationIn addition to the announcement of Pokemon Legends: AZ, the Pokemon Presents provided updates and a new software announcement for the franchise.The new announcement was Pokemon TCG Pocket, a mobile version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game that will feature a simplified version of the TCG gameplay as well as the ability to open two packs of cards per day for free. Certain packs will include "immersive" cards which feature brief nature cutscenes with the Pokemon. It will launch on mobile (iOS/Android) in 2024, and is produced in cooperation with Creatures and frequent Nintendo partner/Pokemon Masters dev DeNA.Additionally:
* As part of the Pokemon Day celebrations, a series of Tera Raid events will be happening in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starting tonight NA time. Vensuaur, Blastoise, and a rerun of Charizard will appear in sequence.
* Pokemon Go announced a crossover event with the Pokemon Horizons anime beginning on March 5, coinciding with the dub of the anime premiering on Netflix on the 7th. It will feature the Pokemon Go debut of Characadet, Armorouge, and Ceruledge, as well as a Captain Pikachu costumed mascot that will introduce the move Volt Tackle. The anime protagonists Liko and Roy can also photobomb the player.
* Pokemon Masters EX will add new trainers Geeta (the Scarlet and Violet Top Champion) and Silver (Gold/Silver/Crystal rival) soon.
* Pokemon Sleep will be adding its first Legendary Pokemon starting in March with the introduction of Raikou. Entei and Suicune will follow.
* In addition to adding Violet box legendary Miraidon to Pokemon Unite, Falinks and Ceruledge will be entering the game beginning in April.
* Pokemon Cafe Remix has begun a new event in which the player can choose a Scarlet and Violet starter to join the "kitchen" in a new outfit.

Ok. Nothing too exciting then. Remind me when they remaster Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness.


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