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Welp. It's a bit past the deadline I was going to set and the topic I thought of creating is going to take some more work. Meanwhile, Discord is practically dead soooooo, let's go with.....

Who likes hot sauce?

Also, although it was created before this topic of the day idea, if you haven't checked out Daan's Top 30 Games for 2019, it is still worth a perusal.


--- Quote from: nickmitch on January 02, 2020, 10:36:58 PM ---As long as no one is talking about me behind my back.

But topics of the day sound fun.

--- End quote ---

Fear not. We prefer to say bad things face-to-face for the full impact.

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on January 03, 2020, 02:04:08 PM ---... soooooo, let's go with.....
Who likes hot sauce?

--- End quote ---

But Daan's article is way more interesting... even if it is yesterday's news.

Weekend Reading!

With 84th Mafia game about to start soon, let's go with the Sign-Up Thread for the game as the main topic for the weekend and give a final reminder for everyone about joining it in time.

A couple other things worth-highlighting would be:

Shaymin/Donald's Predictions for the year as we wait for the first Nintendo Direct to drop and start giving us some legit info for 2020.

If he had started it earlier on Friday, I'd have made it the topic of the day but I was too anxious to post something sooner. In any case, if you are looking for an outlet to post something stupid with cats then pokepal's lolcat takeover is the place to be.

And with The Mandalorian over, the discussion is already beginning on whether D+ is still worth it and the future of that streaming service in the Disney+ Thread.. Feel free to jump in there with your thoughts on the shiny digital streaming future.

There's a chance you may have already checked it out yesterday. I was hoping it might have been released closer in the evening but in any case so that it would be a little fresher but I'm still going to go with NWR's 2019 Game Awards as the topic of the day.

Continuing the theme of 2019 review, today's topic is what you played in 2019 whether it was a 2019 release or not.


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