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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant! Day 7 Semifinals are over!

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Vudu pimp of pimps has been canonized, as such he has been shot off the stage by a large caliber canon!
Pale being free of prostitution and violation has been RAPED! And will be quarantined till he is proved healthy. And poor Plugabugz has be shot dead in his sleep.

Now that the semifinals are over, it time to crown Ms HAWTNESS 2009 from the remaining contestant in the finals. I'll post the rules for the final tonight. Voting begins tomorrow and end Friday night.

Make no mistake about it--Plugabugz is dead because of Spak.

The killer was a much bigger threat than I was and he knew it.  But since he and the killer have an agreement, he knew he was safe regardless, so he didn't care.  He put his own safety above the safety of his teammates.

This is the second game in recent memory where Spak has made a questionable alliance with a member of the opposite side and it does nothing but hurt the townies.  Why you people allow him to get away with it game after game is beyond me.

I hate you.

I will say this game was a great game...and the townies won by finding key figures and working together to find the mafia.

The first day, Khush Maxi, and Spak-Spang got together and formed an alliance...unfortunately for the mafia and pimps that meant that the inspector, corrupt inspector and rapist were all connected.  3 of the main townie roles. 

I have no idea how Khush was able to find Nickmitch as the first mafia, but wow that was luck. 

Day 2 Maxi and Khush were shutdown.  Great plays by the Mafia and Prankster as it gave the Pimps and mafia a chance.  I decided it was time to get desperate.  Vudu confronted me about my role figuring I had a role because I was paying attention to the roles.  I told him my role, and trusted him.  I wrote him down as the Seducer in my head, because I was also in private talks with Easycure the Killer.  Which I got to trust by revealing my role.  4 people knew my role now as Pimp, I should have been dead...but someone I stayed in the game.

Khush pointed me to theFleece as possible mafia or pimp on day 1...I didn't believe it so I decided to PM and talk to him.  I began teaching him about mafia and the importance of private messages.  He talked to Gylidas and found out he had a role...but wasn't informed what it was.  theFleece informing me of this allowed me to tell Easycure about the hit.  Thus hitting our first Pimp.

Stogi was sheer luck...I was frustrated that nobody was voting for and decided as a joke to vote for Stogi since he posted he could be the new Khushrenda.  DAaaMan64 accused me and I knew I had to get some support.  I started PMing people asking for support in the vote.  I admitted that I didn't know 100% he was mafia, but process of elimination with who I did know meant he was high percentage.  Easycure, TheFleece, and NuclearSpeed (I think) helped me get that close vote. 

DAaaMan64 was now on my watch list...and I threw Dasmos in there, because he had been quiet this game, and I knew he was a good player.

Day 3 I was taken out...but I knew we had 2 Mafia members left and only 2 Pimps...the townies were in good shape.

Day 5 Maxi is freed, and I knew that either vudu or Khush had to be mafia because it was the only thing that made sense in the game.  An answer Stevey gave confirmed my suspicions he stated something like the last Pimp is Still In play, but not in the game?  Strange wording...he had to be kidnapped.

I was frustrated the vote ended in a tie...because it was obvious to me who was who...but to some great targeting by the killer to get rid of the Prankster and DAaaMan64 the game was almost over.

Vudu was obviously the last Pimp and it was so unfair because if Khush had been allowed to stay alive Vudu would of had a chance.

Vudu:  No Plugabugs is dead because people were questioning if I was right.  People wanted to make sure my decision to vote you out was the right thing to do.  Even I was slightly doubting myself...but I knew 100%.

The reason I just told the story, is because the main mafia game is over...we are going to get something new...that Stevey will explain later. 

The Killer was never a threat to the townies, she decided to side witht he townies, giving up the Killer would have been the wrong thing to do.

Easycure targetted: Gylidas, DAaaMan64, and RABicle.  Without the Killer the townies would not have had much of a chance. 

I raped Dasmos and DAaaMan64, but never got to impregnant them.  I was trying but the rules were weird.  Stevey, wouldn't even give me the information I should of had when I was Pranked.  If I had been luckier with the impregnating the game would have been different.

Also, so people understand my role.  I was the Rapist and the Cross Dresser, which meant that anyone I raped I got their information of role...and a chance to impregnate them and 2 days later kick them out of the game.  Although not stated, I guess it would mean I could not be killed/kicked out of the game by the Pimps kidnapping me because I was actually a man.  Luckily that never came up...and perhaps Stevey decided to let me get caught by the mafia for that very reason. 

I like the kidnapping aspect since there was 2 mafias taking townies out at the same balanced the game.  Unfortunately, the 2 mafia's went for the same people twice in the game.  Otherwise, I believe the mafia's would have won the game.

But, Stevey did something creative with the 2 mafia kidnapping basically created 2 distinct ways to be eliminated from the game.  Mafia you are gone in 3 days...simple and definite, but you have 3 days to escape.  The Pimps, 50/50 chance each day of getting eliminated...such a simple idea that created a fun dynamic to the game...counting the days to elimination, hoping for townie vote out success.  Or praying you have good luck.

Wait is the game still going? And can I talk?


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