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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring the Pimp of pimps! Day 6 Crunch Time!

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After the indecision of the last vote, the crazy girl with a gun went on a rampage!

Caught in the cross fire was DAaaMan64 the last Godmother! While looting the mafia hide, the contestants found Spank and vudu cling onto dear life! Even more good news is that the corrupt and evil official Khushrenada has starved to death!

Pale trying to get info out of spank was running cross the town towards the mafia HQ but was Kidnapped by the Pimp before he could get there! Soon Pale's poor bucket-hat will have to witness his rape if the last pimp isn't killed today...

Will the game end before pale is savagely raped?
Will this be the first mafia with a killer win?
When will the king of Hawtness be outed as the bomber and kill every!?
Is a cross dresser really going to make it the finals of a Hawtness pageant! or even win?
The Last day of the semi-finals begin today! or tomorrow or the next day....

Glad to hear Spak and Vudu are back in the game.

Wait a minute. There is a King of Hawtness role?

Resurrecting myself for a second.

stevey is the King of Hawtness, and the bomber thing he's talking about refers to Bill's AC game where at the end everyone died. Nothing to worry about Maxi.

I'm dead again now.

So besides myself Plugabugz, EasyCure, and TheFleece, have not been kidnapped so to find the pimp of pimps I should vote for one of these three /logic

the question is who??


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