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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring pimps and mafioso!DAY5 Lacus Strikes!

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After yesterdays talent portion, Lacus would have nothing of being second in a musical comptions and was out on the attack with her black magic! But before she could kill everyone, she realized that she did not have any powers beside the ability to use her irresistible Hawtness to seduce all other mafia contestant and do her bidding and was killed before she could seduce again.... :'(

In other part of the townie Dasmos the pimp #2 was hunted down like a wild animal. Vudu began to cry over the growing violence and was kidnapped! But who would kidnap a baby? A pedophile, Jackson, Maxi wanting children now that it was proven that she was infertile? Oh wait! Maxi, you escaped! hurray!

I'm Free?

lol congrats maxi. Looks like you did :P

This is one random game >.<


So I was right about Dasmos? Sweet!

Yes!!! I'm Free!!!
Now that I got that out of my system lets get down to business.
On the Pimps side the 2 henchmen are gone Gylldas Henchman #1 and Dasmos hm#2 is gone.
The first Godmother Nickmitch and second Godmother Stogi are gone.
I suggest everyone goes back and look at voting records and any PM's from the above people.Anything else about these people from others will be helpful as well.


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