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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, w/ 50% less pimps, mafioso, contestants! DAY4

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And the winner of the musical talent section is splash woman!

Unfortunately, she lost control of her fish minion and the role-less contestant insanolord and half the audience have been eaten!


The ______ tried to kidnap Spank but were overpowered by spank's super raptor strength. Sadly, Spank was then hit in the head by a lead pipe and kidnapped by another group!

And RABICLE the Prankster has turned up dead!


I'm sticking with my randomness from yesterday.

Vote Dasmos

I'm confused about kidnapping, does that mean they are out of the game our what?

I PMed stevey asking him just that but he hasn't responded yet. The only clear thing about those roles is that if the Mafia Godmother/Pimp of Pimps gets killed, the kidnapped players are free... but what happens in the meantime is what i'd like to know. Are we allowed to contact them or what?

Sorry to intrude but these questions was answered when I was kidnapped on day 2.No you can't contact the people that got kidnapped.Basically you are dead so the rules that apply when you are dead apply here.
Continue the day.:)


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