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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, now with 50% less pimps and mafioso! DAY 3

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And the winner of the last round is Samus! As her prize she got to kill Stogi! While begging for her life, Stogi reviled that she was really Hench-girl #2 and the new godmother. The Mafia is down to there last player now!

~Elsewhere ~

Bad news, Gylldas aka Ivy: the blood thrusty pimp #1 has been killed while taking a shower! During this commotion, Spak's lunch has been switch with an unholy amount of laxatives. Thus Spak-Spang has been pranked and can't post or pm today!

Good news

In other part of town Khush has been badly beaten and kidnapped! And TheNorthSea: a townie is now pregnant. Sadly, as per the rules she has been kick out of the competition.

Today talent expo is about musical talent!

polls close at 12:00!
You may now begin

Who was I kidnapped by?

If you knew, it wouldn't be much of a kidnapping would it?

Ok. ok. Girls I have a confession. I was the one who put powdered chilli in female anthro Black Shadow car's twat, before I did she was telling me about how her hit choice would be Ivy because she's hotter than her. It was pretty offical sounding. I really think we should salvage Black Shadow's car. As far as I can tell, some man is kidnapping us, disguised as a female. Has anyone got a noticeable bulge in their skirt?

WTF you can impregnate people in this game!?

Stevey you're sick


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