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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring pimps guess judges! DAY 2 Talent Show

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The evil lonatic, Khushrenada got his way and has gotten Nickmitch voted out. With that the talent portion of the pageant shall now begin. Everyone take up you bow and show of your archery skills with Nickmitch as the target.

Miyamoto: Crotch shot 100pt.
NickMitch: Damn it, I'm the godmother judge! I'll get my revenge!


Khushrenada, while taking a evil nap, on a evil bed, thinking about evil deeds has had a terible prank pulled on her! Jalapeno peppers powder has been shoveled all up her privet spots and is now screaming in horrific pain in the little girls room! Khush can not post, pm, or vote for the length of today!

Bad news everyone! Our beloved Maxi has been kidnapped, beaten, and locked in room to die! Luck for him, in the confusion of the godmother death he was freed!!! Although, sadly he had been re-kidnapped, re-beaten, and forced into prostitution by a unknown group....


So I guess I'm out till the Pimp of Pimps is gone.


Godmother on the first day! Whodathunkit?!

Huh, so nickmitch was the Godmother. That wass a good guess then.

How are you going to monitor PMs with Khush being pranked? Also can Khush be pranked again tomorrow?

Also Maxi being prostituted means he's bad now, or what's the deal there? If he is a bad guy now it's kind of stupid alerting everyone.

e: Oh I see (from reading the rules, who would have thought!), Maxi is out of it now, huh? This game is crazy.

No it's not her fault that she now has to work for the pimps at gun point. And if all the pimps die tomorrow she be free to compete again...

Also, don't let Khush suffering stop you from voting her out.


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