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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring pimps and mafioso guess judges! DAY 1

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I really should vote for vudu, but I can't miss an opportunity to vote Khush out.


Something tells me this is what Khush wants you to do.

Khush's first vote is NEVER his real vote. 

I have learned never to trust Khush's first vote...because if he finds something out he will let you know that he is wrong and get people to change his vote. 

He told us his logic up in his post.  I don't know if we can trust Khush, but I am almost certain that fleece vote will not stay. 

Let's keep the bandwagon closed down until we can find more information out.

I agree its pointless to start a bandwagon so early in the game.Khushrenada probably did that to get the ball rolling.

Well ****.


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