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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring pimps and mafioso guess judges! DAY00

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Khushrenada, after bribing every last judge and pageant official was on his way to winning the title of Ms HAWTNESS 2009 but, he was stopped in his tracks when Vudu stunned everyone by taking off her bikini. With everyone in a daze, Vude strangle Khushrenada to death reviling him to be the Pimp of pimps and a cross dresser.............. and a filthy perv. Vude win! game over. Pics of Vudu stripping in your local news paper on pages 1, 2, 3, 9, 12-35, 38.

Wait, the game didn't start yet? Sign up below!


NO uncool moderators or admins ALLOWED!
Everyone must pick their favorite HAWTNESS character to play as
No Furry, elderly, or pregnant women are allow to compete in the pageant. (Sorry peach)


Crazy girl with a gun

The name says it all and she will do anything to win, even murder! She can kill anyone in her way once every night.

The (Corrupt) pageant official

Hey, doesn't she look familiar? The official is hiding herself among the other contestant and is out to win the game. She will use her power to kick out anyone who she believe is cheating, with Pageant inspector approval nightly, or just anyone that is hawter than her (once every other night to avoid being caught). If she uses her power for evil one night and the next night the Pageant inspector find a cheater, she can not take action that day and must wait.

Pageant inspector

Follows anyone around for a whole day and see what they're up to and what they did with their night actions. If she finds anything she can forward her report to the (Corrupt) official or lie to him if she believes the official is corrupt. Also she can instantly kick out the cross dresser if he is found.

Cross dresser

He a dude that dresses up like a girl. Any one of the member of the game can be this role, regardless if they already have another role or not. What dose this role do you ask? *It a secret to everybody!*


Can force anyone to use there role on whoever else she so chooses.

The Rapist

Will rape anyone till they talk, and tell her every thing they have done so far in the game as well as their role.


She enjoys a good laugh and each day while no one is looking, she will pull a prank on someone that will cause them to be unable to talk, post, or use a role for the length of one day following the prank.

If that wasn't enough, two evil groups have hidden them self among the contestants and judges: The mafia and the pimps.

Godmother - Judge

Evil and out for the prize, she commands a group of mafioso to win the game. She can kidnap anyone once a night as long as the mafia still alive. She and her mafia win if they have kill the Pimp of Pimps Judge and the mafia needs to have the majority. If the mafia is completely wiped out the hostages are freed granted that they haven't starved to death after three days.

Pimp of pimps - Judge

Where my money Khushrenada! The pimps are hunting for talent, not to mention the prize money, and will capture one poor girl each night and force her into prostitution. To win they need to have the majority of the contestants and kill the godmother judge. If the pimps get wiped out all the poor girl forced into prostitution are freed and can compete again* Granted that nothing has happen to them while being soiled.

Note: The Pimps and Mafia can still win if their Judges are killed. But they should avoid it...


stevey - King of HAWTNESS: Miyamoto
EasyCure-Bad Girl
Maxi - Taki :Twice kidnapped
Spak-Spang-sexy female Rescue Raptor...girl: Twice kidnapped
Pale: being raped Raped!


nickmitch- ZSS : arrowed to death : Godmother Judge
Gylldas-Ivy:Died in the shower: Pimp #1
Stogi : Hench-girl #2 and the new godmother: Shot to death
RABicle-Mai Shiranui: Dead :Prankster
insanolord-cheerleader:Townie: eaten to death
oohhboy-Lacus: seducer: Gone mad with power
Dasmos - Birdo: pimp #2
Khushrenada-Khushrenada:The (Corrupt) pageant official : kidnapped and starved to death
DAaaMan64: Godmother #3 :Shot to death
Plugabugz: townie: shot dead
vudu-baby Peach: pimp of pimps:pedonapped: voted

TheNorthSea-Cynthia: townie

Remaining roles
Pageant inspector
Crazy girl with a gun
The Rapist
Cross dresser

Players Alive: 6
Player on the borderline: 1
Dead 11

Total count 18

I am going to sign up as Taki from Soul Calibur 2.

Count me in as ZSS.

When are signups gonna end stevey?

In as Birdo.


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