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Backlaugust 2022: Round 3 so we can break our backlogs and be free.

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I want to really go for this this year, though I'm a little ashamed that some of the games I want to knock out are things I said I wanted to get done last year.


--- Quote from: NWR_insanolord on July 29, 2022, 09:45:52 PM ---I want to really go for this this year, though I'm a little ashamed that some of the games I want to knock out are things I said I wanted to get done last year.
--- End quote ---
Thanks part of the fun!

Anyway, here;s the plan, the post that will get updated with progress.

Pokémon Black 2 - Nintendo DS Beaten, 18th of August
I boycotted this game back in the day because I was sick of third versions. Of course after the joke that was UltraSun and the crimes against the franchise that would follow, Black and White 2 suddenly look alright. In fact now that I am playing them, maybe this is the pinnacle of traditional Pokémon. There’s a lot of good stuff here and its a shame that they didn’t go on with some things.
I was playing Black 2 pretty hard this month after getting back into it after my long dissolutionment with Pokémon but before coming up against the seventh gym, the dragon gym, I wanted to train up some ice type and I don’t have any since I hadn’t experienced a winter. Backlaugust is Winter so I’ll get getting that Beartic and friends. I’ll declare it beaten for Backlaugust purposes when I see the credits but I expect to keep playing this through to November before finishing up, sending everyone to Pokémon Bank and gearing up for Scarlet. Projecting a finish around the tenth with focus on sessions while commuting and in bed.

Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands - Nintendo Switch. Beaten, 3rd of August
I bought this a while ago as I’m becoming a armoured with the isometric racer genre. It’s great. It’s also HUGE as the grand and mountain imply. I’m about halfway through it after a decent session last night. I reckon I can knock off about one mountain per session and I still have 6 or so mountains to beat. So I’m projecting a mid month finish for this game, playing evenings after dinner.

Hundred Days - iPad
I’ve heard this one is pretty short. It’s a sorta sim, more like a puzzler which tells the story of running a vineyard, I’ve cleared the basic tutorial stage. Might try to get some sessions in at work and during mindless dual screening sessions on the couch weekdays.

Pokémon Legends Arceus - Nintendo Switch Beaten, 13th of August
So I’ve been playing this one to fill the Pokémon hole while Black 2 is on ice. I’m up to quelling Avalug which I guess I dont know, is this far? I’ve explored pretty much the whole region now but there’s a lot of interesting places that seem to be demand to be revisited. I guess I’ll look to pick it up again after I beat the elite four in Black 2. Expecting to finish later in teh month.

80’s Overdrive Nintendo SwitchBeaten, 7th of August
Another in the growing genre of games trying to capture the nostalgia of Outrun. I think I’ve cleared about half of this so far. Will pick it up as my casual switch game to play while the TV is on. Expect to beat by mid month.

Metroid Dread - Nintendo Switch
I guess I'll try to beat this. I'm very bad at Metroids. Might do Ori instead first? I don't know. Projecting 27th of August

Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Nintendo Switch
I think I’m halfway through. Will pickup and rescue the owl! Projecting 20th of August

Harest Moon - SNES via Wii U Virtual Console
There’s a save file that I’m pretty sure is in winter of the same one year. Why did I stop then? Who knows. Something to do. Projecting 20th of August.

Overland - iPhone
Who knows? Something to do during the commute. It’s meant to be story heavy though.

Welp, it begins. The true Summer Games Fest right here.

I've targetted over 40 games that I'm going to put my focus on this month. Will I get through them all? I highly doubt that. But maybe I can get through half of them and hit 20 although I'd love to do 30 which almost be a game a day. I've got 13 Switch games, 10 Wii U games, 11 Wii games, 4 DS games, 2 3DS games and 2 GameCube games that I've selected as possibly shorter titles that could be quick to finish with a few that I've spent some time on but never got around to finishing yet.

The race is now on.

EDIT: I've made the list of games I'm looking to tackle on my Backloggery account if you anyone is really that interested in what I'm thinking of gaming this month. And wouldn't you know it? Today is my Backloggery anniversary date marking 10 years since I started using that site. Hopefully I can make the start of Year 10 special by powering through a chunk of games.

Mop it up:
I think I'm in the mood for some classic gaming. Perhaps it's about time that I dive in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection collection and make my way through this famous and infamous series. These are probably relatively short games too, right?

It was something I thought about when going through my GameCube library and looking at the Mega Man and Mega Man X collections (as well as the Sonic game collections). Although I know you've stated those collections are probably not the best way to experience the games (and I'd much prefer to have save states or a rewind feature for those NES games), it is probably the way I'll play through them at some point because I just don't see a reason to buy another collection of Mega Man games if I've already got them.


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