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What is your most recent gaming purchase?

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Mop it up:

--- Quote from: Stratos on March 02, 2022, 01:51:54 PM ---Really? I thought that was kinda fun when I played it at a friend's house as a kid. Or was there a PSX version that was better?

--- End quote ---
I don't know what other versions of the game are like, though the original PC version of the game had a decent reception so maybe it's like that one. Then again, there were also some people who liked Superman 64, so... uh...

Pokemon Legends: Arceus a few weeks back, think I'll play through it but don't find it to be the pinnacle of anything (as someone who only has a casual interest in Pokemon).

Kirby is next, and that demo made me puuumped.

There is a decent e-Shop sale going on for Switch right now so I finally pick up The Touryst. I had been wanting this for a while so I cannot wait to play it.

I kinda ended up with several 8bitdo accessories.

First i bought their GBros -- their Gamecube/Pro Controller adapter for Switch/PC. I only used it several times to connect SNES Mini controllers on some SNES games on Switch, but then i stopped paying for Switch online.

Last year i bought their wireless controller Pro2 and it was such a disappointment, i like the feel of it, but it has a very bad lag and is unusable no matter how i set it up. Apparently it is a lottery and sometimes you just get defective ones like that. It was also a hassle to sync it through bluetooth each time i want to use it, because it was losing connection.

Also another reason i wanted this controller were buttons on the back but a) you need special mobile app to set them up, andi can't be bothered b) theses button are distracting when holding the controller and i end up pressing them randomly

I bought their wireless adapter too hoping it can fix the issues but it nope.

To justify the purchase at least somewhat i now connected that wireless adapter to GBros adapter and now i can play games with SNES controller on PC. I still have to resync this setup each time so it's not ideal but whatever. Playing AM2R with original SNES controller feels nice.


--- Quote from: azeke on November 08, 2021, 01:00:37 AM ---While walking around in the book store i found Russian translation of Volume 4 of Floran Gorge's "History of Nintendo", the one about Gameboy.

I already bought first 2 volumes in English and while content-wise they were great -- binding on those was super filmsy, it started to fall apart right in my hands as i was reading it.

This Russian edition already feels way more robust so there is that at least, but reading reviews i found complaints about bad translation? Whatever i just want the full set. Volume 3 was sold out in that store but i set up alerts if they restock it.
--- End quote ---

Update on these books: the translation is indeed wonky at places but the binding is a huge upgrade from previous Pix'n'Love editions. As far as i can tell, volume 3 and up weren't even translated to English so i guess these books were translated directly from French originals...

Volume 4 about Gameboy is especially fascinating, because apparently it was a very troublesome project that even got cancelled at some point.

Apparently volume 5 (about Gameboy Advance?) is on the way, so i am looking forward to that.


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