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So nobody likes GameStop?

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The GameStops here in Anchorage are teh_evil, claiming to hold items for you and then, once you get there, deny memory of holding anything for you (like an hour ago--screw you guys) and hey--they're all out of (whatever they were supposed to be holding). It has happened to me many times.

More irritating are the times where they try to sell you a used game in a generic DVD case for full price, or when they give you crap for credit on fairly new games. I don't like the type of employee who thinks he's better than you, which I've encountered many times. Dude, you work at a GameStop at near-minimum wage. You don't have a college degree and no, you DON'T know more about games than me. And they can't bring themselves to get new games in on time.

What turned me away from GameStop for good was the time I had to go in and renew my GameInformer subscription. I stood in like for like fifteen minutes behind some idiot fat guy who kept asking about release dates and whether they had this game or that. I noticed that the whole store was crawling with people who looked homeless or, at the very least, hadn't showered in weeks. When I finally got up to the counter and asked to renew my GI subscription, they asked if I wanted to reserve any games. The person behind me belched loudly and chuckled with his idiot friend.

I renewed my subscription and haven't been back since.

Gamestop is similar to Best Buy, and I think the nature of the store depends heavily on what kind of manager they have. The local Best Buy is GREAT with friendly people that are willing to help you out all the time, while there is another around where I work where they blatantly ignore you.

Gamestop is the same way, there are some that have terrible managers who hire whoever while there are some, like the one I go to all the time who don't pressure you much and are more then willing to help along with being pretty knowledgeable. In regards to used games, at least you can trade them back if they have problems, but seriously that is a problem with any company that accepts used games back. It should be interesting to see how their prices change if the new trade in programs at other stores catch on. Oh yeah the one I go to also gets new games in a very timely manor, so no complaint there

In regards to game prices, at one time I recall them inflating the price but lately I haven't seen any examples of it. It is odd that people complain so much about their trade-in value, it isn't like they are the only option for selling your game. It is a matter of opportunity cost, how much is it worth to you to sell a game back a store for instant cash vs selling it on eBay where you will more then likely get a better deal.

During college, I pretty much ensured that my GameStop treated me well because I walked in one day with a list of 15 games to pre-order. Ilike to tell myself that the guy who helped me out that day became manager in a large part because of my extravagant college Wii and DS buying habits.

There are roughly 15-20 Gamestop locations within reasonable driving distance from me. They range from ehh to terrible. I have my share of Gamestop horror stories. I know at least a few of the Gamestop stores I've been to will absolutely not give pre-order bonuses to customers. I mean, the employees use the bonuses to score pre-orders, but come launch day, no pre-order bonus. They'll give some BS excuse, but really, they took the gifts themselves and either sell them on ebay or keep them (and possibly sell them on ebay some time down the road).

I don't really shop at Gamestop anymore and haven't for years. I mainly go to Gamecrazy because I work 1 shift at Hollywood Video so I can keep renting movies and games for free on top of discounts at both Hollywood Video and Gamecrazy. Honestly, Gamecrazy as a company used to be much, much better than Gamestop until slowly, but surely they started adopting some of Gamestop's trademark lameness. Prices used to be lower and trade in value higher. Not anymore... On top of that, corporate is trying to institute that oh-so irritating selling-unsealed-games-as-new thing that everyone hates Gamestop for, which I know at least 2 stores have flat out refused to do though we'll see how long that lasts though Gamecrazy does have a policy that allows customers to try new games before buying them which is great unless that person passes and there's an unsealed new game sitting on the shelf.

Not really, but there are not many alternatives.


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