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Major Forum Reorganization - April 4, 2019

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So... umm 9 months later.

Is NWR finally gonna birth this forum update or should someone induce labor on one of the mods to just make it happen already?
It's 2020, the software is like a decade old now.

SMF is dragging it's feet on that big upgrade Insanolord is waiting on.

Maybe since everyone is quarantined.... maybe someone can reach out to the SMF team and tell them to get to F'n work on the newest update/upgrade.

Or maybe we can just switch forum software?
Time for BIG changes around the country, why not here too :D

I just got a PM from Caterkiller about the Mafia game I was hosting in December.  He says he just got the notification for it today and he has even been on the forums since I sent it.   Fix the broken software and PM notifications!

So since we are apparently NEVER getting a forum upgrade... can we atleast update the old ass ugly emoji icons so I don't have to post, and then immediately go to my phone and edit to place a better emoji in place?

Or you know, just upgrade the software?

Who's manager do I need to speak to around here?
What needs to happen to make an upgrade actually happen? Is it a monetary thing? a time and effort thing? ...do we really need the upgrade to be SMF? There's gotta be better and better supported software out there.


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