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Maybe I should just go ahead and take it away again and save everybody some time.

While it may take away from my reputation as destroyer of worlds forums, the truth is I don't know what happened to Talkback. Tlon was the user that apparently messed them up. I never even saw what he'd done because I was given a one-day ban very quickly at the time nor did I know he was going to mess up Talkback or even could. I've never dug deeper into it and never asked him how he did whatever he did. I never thought Talkback would be affected since we couldn't change thread titles there since we weren't staff and couldn't create threads in the forum. It was a bizarre side effect in the whole movement.

Fatty The Hutt:
The whole banning thing was dumb, all of you are dumb, everyone else is dumb, the world is dumb, the moon is dumb and the mods are poopy-heads.

I don't think your audience here is looking very grateful.

This reminds me of people complaining about the karma system for years and then being upset when it was taken away. Classic NWR! We're angry and dissatisfied and nothing you do will change that. It's the Ian Sane motto, right?


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