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RetroActive 50: Little King's Story

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Up to 6 hours play time now. Had an unfortunate "LittleKingStory.exe has crashed" after beating one of the bosses, so I guess I'll have to do that part again. Suppose that's the PC version doing it's thing.

It was a fun boss battle as well. Difficult fight and I was under resourced, but I felt like if I kept trying I could win, and I did. Until the game crashed. I appreciate at least that boss battles let you retry and don't send you back to the title screen like dying on the overworld does.

So I reiterate, SAVE OFTEN.

Mop it up:
If I remember rightly there's no way to upgrade the king's HP either, so protecting him remains top priority. The toughest part about the game's hardest difficulty setting is that the king is stuck with 1 HP throughout, so you can't make any mistakes.

I don't know if the game ever states what "UMA" means, but the manual says it stands for "Unidentified Mysterious Animal."

Yeah I'm done with this game.

PC version is randomly crashing even when resolution and graphics are cranked down to Wii levels. Had to leave my first negative steam review.

Had a couple of somewhat fun boss battles but it's got plenty of issues. The map is horrible and the game doesn't do a good job of telling you where to go. The combat is shallow and uninteresting against regular enemies. It also lacks almost all of the actual strategy elements from Pikmin.

Had I suffered to the end, I doubt my opinion would change.

So since it came up on James's last stream: There is a way to dodge the Mad Mask's axe. You have to do a 180 once the Axe passes you the first time. It's kind of difficult to get a feel for but that's literally his only attack.

Mop it up:
This was a very memorable Wii game for me, I liked it a lot, though I don't think I've played it since its release year. I enjoyed its mix of strategy and sim, and its wacky characters and crayon art style.

I was looking back at the game's thread on here, and I saw myself mention that it was the 666th game logged into my collection, and that my copy was defective! What a coincidence! I also saw that when I bought my second copy at GameStop, the clerk said I was the first person to buy it at their store; a bummer this game was so underappreciated and didn't sell.

I also found this dev interview in the thread if anyone's curious: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/26453/Postmortem_The_Creation_Of_Little_Kings_Story.php
Some tidbits:
-They mention trying motion controls at the start, but abandoned the idea since it wasn't fun; it's unclear if the pointer was included in this, but how they wouldn't have seen that as better I'll never know!
-The opening cutscene was originally going to be a playable intro where you had the king searching for the crown, but was removed since it felt too slow.
-A two-player mode was planned but scrapped due to being behind schedule, as well as "the idea of having a network feature."

I remember that there was a remake of this game on the PSVita which was titled "New Little King's Story." They seemed to age up the king to a teenager and from what I could tell, they removed a lot of the whimsy from the game including the cutscenes. To me, it seemed like a big step down from the original.


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