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Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

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This was the path I took through the game. You can tell I scrambled to get some gyms done between the 4th and 5th titans so I could nab the Iron Treads that appears after you beat the 4th titan in Violet.

Wait, I didn't realize you could nab that. I might have to go back and look.

I still haven't taken on the Elite Four. I took a few more classes after getting a lot out of one. The history class gives you a lore dump and explains the spikes you may be coming across. I'm still hunting those down. But there was less to get out of the others so far. I'm actually kind of interested in seeing what the hell they do for the math class and if I get more sandwich recipes from the Home Ec course. The stories about the teachers are fun too and give them some depth

So, the raid this weekend was… something.

I went from scraping by in the first night to absolutely steamrolling Charizards in the second- a pretty insane power creep. Flutter Mane is pretty nasty against Charizard, as it activates Protosynthesis when Charizard uses Sunny Day, and nulls his Dragon attacks. I had tried using a Dachbun and and Azumarill earlier, but the former lacks decent support options in spite of strong abilities and typing, while the latter’s ability causes the Raids to completely glitch and read incorrectly. It’s a shame, because Huge Power and Belly Drum make for an insane combo.

I like raiding very much, but the system Game Freak has created is pretty flawed. You can reset your system clock multiple times in order to get more raids during the scheduled period, so I have about 10-12 Charizards’ worth EXP candies, Large and Extra Large. This means I can level up a good 10-12 Raid-captured Pokémon with ease. Ah, well. I’m not much for competitive battling, so I can just start setting up new Pokémon for future raids.

Finished up all the gyms tonight. I had the Ghost and Ice gyms left and I used the team I was using for the Team Star battles.

 I had Kanto Persian, Vivilion, Bronzong, Gardavior, Dredraw and Clodsire.

The Ghost one was fun with the double battle. The Ice one was rough to start as I got rushed down with TailWind, Blizzard and Liquidation.   I even used my Terra early on to gain some ground.   I will say that if you have a Levitate Bronzong with Sunny Day the Ice gym is pretty easy.   I was 2 out of 3 with those. 

Now I think I am going to work on the Team Star battles.   I only have 1 down. I also have the dragon Titan to face as my last one of those.

I finished up the Victory Road story and then I beat the last Titan at the lake.  Now with all them beat I can scale pretty much everywhere with my ride pokemon.

I beat the Elite 4 and champ with a team of Quaquaval. Meowscarada, Skuledirge, Tinkaton, Pawmot and Toedscruel.  Those 6 pokemon cover with their STAB Water, Fighting, Grass, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Fairy, Steel, Electic and Ground.

The same type attack moves of the pokemon cover all pokemon with 12 pokemon being normal effectiveness and the coverage moves covering those last 12 pokemon. 

I only have 2 more Team Star areas to finish and then I can work on exploring more of Paldea and playing with others.


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