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Anybody else playing? What stories have you gone through and how far? Any favorite parts? Do you find the glitches/bug distracting? How does everyone feel about the new direction?

I think asking a massive entertainment company to develop a stable product isn’t too much, but we have all been fine with the embarrassing state of Skyrim for over a decade and across different editions. The people demanding refunds for this game are a bit… detached from reality. Admittedly, I’m not going out of my way to try to break the game, but I’ve encountered two, maybe three weird bugs in my 50+ hours of playtime.

As the world’s biggest Pokémon skeptic, 2022 has surprised me in many ways. I enjoyed Arceus a great deal and am enjoying Scarlet as well. It’s still a bit bare bones and definitely not the prettiest/most stable Switch game, but the freedom to explore and avoid much of the flat writing is a big plus. I’m heading to take on the final bosses of each respective Path at the moment, and I’ve been pleased with the difficulty scaling. It’s not a huge difficult game but it often requires dedicated team building for some of its later-game challenges. Highlights have been the Normal Type Gym, the Fighting and Fairy Starfall Street challenges, and just, well, four and five star raids.

I can’t say enough how having Pokémon roam without random encounters has drastically increased my desire to catch them. No more running back and forth in tall grass, hoping for the right encounter. It’s so refreshing.

Mop it up:
The performance is unfortunate, but the co-op adventure alone is already making this the most enjoyable Pokémon game, and in a number of ways it feels like what Sword and Shield should have been.

I've mainly been playing the game with my significant other, but through the launch weekend we also had two friends join us; it was a lot of fun to goof around in the early game as we figured out how everything works. We're taking our time playing through this one and focusing on exploring each area as we come to it, so we have only two total badges so far, the Bug gym and the first titan. We've filled out a lot of the PokéDex though, catching as many of the Monz as we can locate. We like how there's also lots of items scattered around the land to find.

When the four of us were playing, we tried making sandwiches together, which is a pretty funny minigame of sorts! Here's the first one we made, which definitely looks like something a group of kids would concoct:

I’m barreling towards the end of the game. I completed Starfall Street and Path of Legends, and I only have the Elite Four left. I’ll admit that challenging the final bosses of a path while still in the middle of one path left me a bit under-leveled. But that just made for more challenging battles.

I tried to map out which story beats I would hit based on the descriptions on the map. I thought it would be exhausting bouncing around the map like that, but the game rewards you so much for exploring the different areas.

One thing I was surprised about was how much was going on at the academy. I was off on my treasure hunt for so long that I didn’t notice you can actually take classes at the school. Yo can even take midterms and final exams. And I can say Pokémon made taking a final exam entertaining. The one course I completed gave me some info on something I had been wondering about since I saw it on the map early on. It was a very organic way of giving the player more info.

The bugs and glitches are whatever; the camera pretty consistently clips through terrain when I battle on a slope; the slowdown can distracting at times. But I really don’t care. The game is just so much better than its technical shortcomings. I do wish the level scaling was better and that the gyms had more gym trainers. But I feel like those are minor changes compared to how much the franchise has moved in the right direction with this one.

I picked up Scarlet at launch and I am progressing nicely.  Yesterday I finished up the Normal gym to make 4 gyms beaten.Then had a row of Titans to beat and I now only one left. I haven't done anything with Team Star yet. 

I have my 6 pokemon team and just leveling up them. I do like the change of the gym badges and it going from pokemon won't obey if they are over a certain level to if you catch a pokemon at a certain level then even if they go over that level since you caught it below that level it will still obey you. You could in theory only have one badge and hatch an egg pokemon and level it to 100 and they will still obey you.


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