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Episode 800: I Am the One Who Sucks


Not technically, at least in this game.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/62368/episode-800-i-am-the-one-who-sucksCan you believe we've produced 800 numbered episodes of Radio Free Nintendo? What an unbelievable series of an events this show has become. That includes this week, where our entire audience debated how much the Wii U GamePad actually weighs.Rather than do a big party, we planned a live show RetroActive to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Wii U. We had a lot of people join us to talk about Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.Thanks to all the people who have made this show possible, including our audience.Holiday schedules are going to be a little weird going forward, but get us emails for a Listener Mail segment because we are definitely doing a regular episode this week.

Congrats on 800 episodes. It was a great live show. I look forward to hearing the podcast version.

Found you guys around 2014/2015. Have been pleasantly surprised at how consistent you guys are, both in content and in cast. Totally under the radar podcast that every Nintendo fan should check out. I hope you continue for decades more…Here’s to another 800!


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