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Episode 795: Drinking Some Fresh Lon Lon Milk


We now know the identity of Lon.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/62005/episode-795-drinking-some-fresh-lon-lon-milkBayonetta is out, but it wasn't when we recorded. So no, we didn't talk about it. Instead we let James talk about garbage like  #Halloween, Super Puzzles Dream. It isn't just an eShop jigsaw puzzle, it's somehow worse. Jon is playing Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on Steam Deck because this is where we are now. Gui has FPS Prodeus, a retro-inspired shooter available on everything, and action RPG Cat Quest II. Thankfully, someone on this show is interested in providing you content that might help find your next game. Greg and Gui then pivot the show to talk about Pilotwings 64, and its erotic rocket belt. Then weird things happen, and James for once is not the responsible party. At least not exclusively.After the show is removed from the brick wall it plowed through, its time for Listener Mail. This week we talk about game soundtracks we'd like to see performed live and the fate of a Mario Movie game. You can sell us your burned CD-R via the inbox.

I have played both Cat Quest games. They are cute and fun. All the puns didn't bother me.

I might have overemphasized how ameowing they are for effect. It's still pawsible to enjoy the game just fine.

"There are only so many cat puns you can make."

Tell me you haven't played a Monster Hunter game without telling me you haven't played Monster Hunter.


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