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Episode 343: A Completely Intentional Halo Homage


John Rairdin:
In which Matt comes to the aid of an icon of modern capitalism.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/connectivity/61950/episode-343-a-completely-intentional-halo-homageMatt and Alex join John in this Ronaghanless episode. Why can't members of the Yakuza hit women, but Sonic can? Is Bayonetta 3 actually Astral Chain which is actually Scalebound? Has John discovered his new favorite Souls-like? And what's your favorite pew-pew-shooty online game? This and more on this week's episode!Heads up: Our Wind Waker episode of the 3D Zelda Game Club will be next week. Get your thoughts in by 9pm Easter Time on Wednesday November 2nd.

Correction: Bayonetta 3 was announced at the Keighlies in 2017, rather than the Switch reveal. It did have a similar time between announcement and release to SMTV (58 months).


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