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Games Industry Death Watch 2010-present

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Games Industry Death Watch 2009

--- Quote from: January 2009 ---- Jaleco closes (IP and $7.736m/$17.68m loan sold to Game Yarou for $0.01)

- MS ACES (Flight Simulator team gone)
- MS cuts 30% of testers at MGS + unspecified GFW team

- Sega cuts 30 in San Francisco

- Eidos cuts 30 people at Crystal Dynamics

- Eidos closes Rockpool Games (Manchester) [mobile]

- Seta Corp (Super Entertainment & Total Amusement) closed

- EA to cut 10% of staff and 9 studios consolidated/closed by March
---- unspecifed # @ Tiburon (Madden and Tiger Woods divisions confirmed hit)
---- Blackbox (200 out of 350 jobs cut, remainder absorbed into EA Burnaby [Vancouver])
---- 21 customer service, half of QA, all of playtest group @ Mythic

- unspecified cuts at Sony and MS (kotaku sez bulk of the current 1400 cut from MS are from Entertainment & Devices)

Nexon closes Humanature studio (Vancouver) 90 Jobs lost

Unspecified layoffs at Kuju in US and UK

Ensemble closes

Disney Interactive Studios layoff ~70 at Propoganda, confirms plans to"consolidate a handful of its studios, including Avalanche Software andthe Fall Line studio."

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: February 2009 ---Brighter Minds (World of Goo) goes Bankrupt

THQ Mobile shuts down in San Diego, Germany and UK (~100 jobs)

Action Pants (British-Columbia) acquired by Ubisoft

Free Radical acquired by Crytek

EA to close 12 facilities + 1100 jobs

Snowblind Studios acquired by Warner Bros

Eidos drops casual studio (Gimme5games)

Sega cuts 18% of workforce (560 jobs)

NCSoft cuts 55 at NC West (Europe)

Midway files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Rare cuts artist and engineer positions (12 known)

Popcap acquires Gastronaut Studios

Fillpoint acquires Crave Entertainment and SVG Distribution

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: March 2009 ---THQ cuts majority of Volition's (Saint's Row) QA staff - 86 of 102

THQ to sell or close Big HUge Games, Heavy Iron and Incinerator becoming independent.

Namco to buy all branches of D3 publisher, including studio Vicious Cycle

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: April 2009 ---THQ confirms unspecified layoffs at BigHugeGames, still looking for sale
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: May 2009 ---3D Realms closes

Microsoft Game Studios acquires BigPark

38 Studios acquires BigHugeGames from THQ

Grin Studios cuts 160 people

Factor 5 closes
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: June 2009 ---Management Buy-Out/Closure of Chemistry (Kuju)

Deadline Games (Watchman Game) files for bankruptcy

Crystal Dynamics cuts 25 more people

Midway San Diego and Newcastle face closure by end of June.

America's Army studio closes

Rockstar lays of 10% of New England staff

ZeniMax (owner of Bethsoft) acquires id Software
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: July 2009 ---Heavy Hammer lays off Blue Omega team

Sony Online Entertainment lays off 5% of staff

Midway Closes Chicago Corporate Headquarters and Newcastle Studio
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: August 2009 ---Grin shuts down

THQ Buys Midway San Diego

EA cuts back staff at Maxis

Raven lays off 30-35
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: September 2009 ---Bottlerocket closes

Disney acquires Wideload Games

Funcom to cut 20% of workforce
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: October 2009 ---Transmission Games lays off 20

Ubisoft acquires Trackmania developer Nadeo

Activision lays off 30 from 7 studios

Activision closes Shaba Studios

Optimus acquires Witcher developer in CD Projekt takeover

Idol Minds lays off ~26

Transmission Games closes

Slipgate Ironworks lays off ~50
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: November 2009 ---Square-Enix/Taito/Eidos cuts 10% globally

EA Acquires Playfish

EA to layoff 1,500 by April 2010, including "several studio closures"
Tiburon, Blackbox, Redwood Shores, Mythic reportedly affected

Playdom acquires Green Path and Trippert Labs

Pandemic closes

Krome faces unspecified number of layoffs
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: December 2009 ---Fuzzeyes lays off majority of staff

Threewave studio enters reorganization

Rumor: Apsyr cuts staff by over 50%

SCEA drops 30 QA jobs

Paradox Interactive acquires AGEOD

Oberon Media lays off 100]

Compiled by Dr. Mario Kart of Penny-Arcade Forums
--- End quote ---

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