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The Nextgenwars numbers must be worldwide, as Xbox 360's total sales worldwide were 6 million about two months ago.

What's fun about that site is you get to see how far off they are when actual numbers are announced by Nintendo or the other companies.

The numbers for the Wii are only in the US. We haven't even seen the sales from Japan and Europe yet, but expect the Wii to be over a million in a week.

Ah, but can we expect the Wii to be near 4 million by January 1? Or is 3 million a more likely estimate?

600,000 IS not too shabby a number, but Nintendo should hopefully iron out their supply issues to meet the demand while the hype is strong, and at least satisfy January and March's after-christmas non-gamer impressment rush. Interestingly enough, great non gamer games are coming out in Q1: Wii Play, Wario Ware, and Mario Party 8. If Nintendo really plans to build on nongamer and casual hype, then they need to supply for those months too.

Besides... we've got what? 5 weeks left till 2007? Even at the extravagant number of 200,000 units a week (WAY MORE than DS shipments), Nintendo will be at 1.6 mil for the Americas...

Of course, Nintendo may be doing a smart rollout strategy for this (i.e. holding back units to create artificial shortages and hype), in effect ensuring a steady, healthy weekly supply of wiis so as to make the hype a long, steady broil instead of a flash in the pan. Long, sustained supplies and hype are more beneficial for casual and non-gamers, whereas hardcore gamers are better suited for the BUYITNOWORELSENEVER demands of an all-at-once sellout.

~Carmine M. Red

it looks to me like 4 million will be hard to reach, probably more like 2.5 - 3 mill by end of year.  Still not bad, and with all the non-gaming hype it looks like a strong entrance into 2007.


Wii sales in the news!


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