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I think Nintendo said in NWR's podcast that there will be 1 million shipped by Thanksgiving. Don't know how accurate that above site's numbers are, but 1M will be the sales cap this week.

Then I guess roughly another 200K/week until the end of the year in North America = 2 million? That's a fast ramp up.


Originally posted by: Ian Sane
"Gamasutra reports that Wii has an initial tie-in ratio of 3.0! Yowie-zowie!"

Don't a lot of stores force bundles at launch though?  That sort of thing could skewer the results.  But then I imagine the PS3 would have that affecting it as well, unless WiiSports or VC titles are counted which I doubt.
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These figures came from GameStop/EB Games, which had no forced bundles except for online (which was a small percentage of total units available).  

For the sake of posterity, Nintendo reported yesterday (Nov. 27th) that 600,000 units were sold in the first week.

Edit: Just looking over the nexgenwars thing BlackNMild posted and I started wondering how it works.  It looks like they extrapolate sales and then have it update the numbers based on an average number of units sold per minute (or whatever).  As of this post the program seems to be claiming the following approximate sales rates:

Xbox 360: 36-37 units per min.
PS3: 5-6 units per min.
Wii: 14-15 units per min.


Originally posted by: Requiem Horray! Red Steel is selling strong. That meas Ubisoft will have a good return on their investment, and most likely continue making games for Wii! This also means its feasible that a Red Steel 2 will come out, giving them a chance to redeem themselves on the control front.
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It also encourages 3rd parties to offer Wii support.

If an unpolished launch title like Red Steel can still sell very well, it means that companies should have jumped on board long ago and they'll scramble to do so now.

If Nintendo can keep just a 3 to 1 tie in Ratio then they'll be sitting ok.  Considering everything makes them money.

Edit:  On Nexgenwars 53% of the people picked Wii.  I wonder if they are going for just the US or the World.  If thats a case I expect a real spike in the number a week from now.


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