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There is no thread for this, so I'm starting one. As a former Ouya developer I'm excited about this.

A couple of things this has going for it.
Several USB ports.
Likely to be competitively powered
an OK game studio backing the console.
Option for wood grain.
an old school game library from 2600 to Jaguar (though I'm sure they have to work out a bunch of deals for that, even Nintendo has to do some magic to work that out)
A good time frame for release.

I am intrigued. Have they shown a controller yet?

I think that is one of the things that will make or break the console.

What I would hope for is a gamecube controller with a second z button. Also modern things like a home button where the start button is, and then start and share where they are on the playstation 4 controller.

Some variation on this would be awesome.

What I think atari should do is if it aint broke dont fix it with Atari color scheme.

I like the wood grain option.  I think more consoles should try it out.

They haven't announced anything other than that it'd play classic atari games and a very vague statement about "modern" games being playable, right?

They also mentioned crowd funding. 

I like the small, compact design shown in the pics below.  Makes it to where someone could feasibly fit it in their entertainment system between a couple of hulking boxes already there.

That said, I don't think they've released any information about specs or who would be supporting it outside of Atari.  Might be an interesting piece of equipment to toy with or have for collectors' sake, but I have doubts it'll enjoy any more support than Ouya did.


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