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The FaceBall 2000 16 years later thread...

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To continue the earlier <a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="">FaceBall 2000[/url] thread, I'm actually (*finally*) putting together my FaceBall 2000 event.

Details are a little sketchy at this time, but here's what I'd like to do.

I'm looking at having the event March 8th and March 9th.  Fellow Nintendo Whores probably recognize that as the date Smash Bros. Brawl is going to be released.  That's important.

What'd I'd like to do is start the event around Noon or so on the 8th.  Then, around 6 PM or so, move everyone who comes for it (either from this board or people I know IRL) to my Wal*Mart where I will be (hopefully) hosting a Smash Bros. Pre-Launch event.  It'll include a small original Smash Bros. Tournament and a little bit larger Melee tournament.  Obviously, at midnight, Brawl will be released and we'll buy the game and go back to play it amongst each other and (if it'll work) online.

Here's the deal though - I'm going to look into renting a local community center.  What this means is that, if someone wants to come and sleep over (I'm sure there will be a few), if you bring sleeping bags and pillows or such, there should be sleeping room.

Of course, there will be more than just Smash Bros. and FaceBall.  I fully expect there to be many, many DSes there - and plenty of people to play them.  This includes 10 Player Tetris, 8 Player Mario Kart, 8 Player Bomberman.... If you bring it, we could play it.  Additionally, perhaps, there could be some Four Swords played (anyone want to try to play crazy Japanese Tetra's Trackers?  I have it...)  Also, perhaps, 16 Player Mario Kart: Double Dash with Four GameCubes.  Just a possibility.

I need to check into see what renting the local place will actually run.  I'm poor... and I don't want to charge an admission fee. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif" border="0">  We could probably get a nice order of Pizza fairly cheap as well, so I might take a collection for that.

I want to impress upon you all how awesome this'll be... This will probably be the first time a 16-Player FaceBall 2000 match has taken place outside of the development of the game.  While people have said the game supports 16 players, I was unable to do so with existing equipment - since I had to have it specially made, I'd almost be willing to bet that it's simply not been done before.

You could be a part of history here.  Not to mention, of course, this will totally be the multi-player gaming event of the year for Carmi, Illinois.

So... let me know if you're seriously interested in coming.  I'm not at all looking to limit the number of people who come to 16... the more, the merrier.  But it'll be fun.

I asked the wife. She said she's fine with me leaving for the weekend for it. It's a six or seven hour drive for me. I don't know how much I could pony up for a community center admission though. That will depend on if taxes are done by then or if I have any big jobs finished.

I'd love some multi-player action though. I really want to bring the 360 and link up a couple of others on some tvs. Even split screen would be fine. Oh, or the N64 and some Conker and Goldeneye. Ah yeah, sniping frenchies.

Ok, here's a list of games I have and would like to play some multiplayer with. This in no way means that I'll be unhappy if none get played. Its just a thought I'm throwing out because I haven't had an opportunity like this before. I have an adapter for composite (RBG) to coaxial if that helps with the number of TVs available. And I have a 4 port hub not in use that can be brought.

Wii Sports (how can I forget that one?)

Halo (1 -3) (system link or split screen)
Gears of War
Perfect Dark Zero

Mario Kart Double Dash (system link or split screen, I have a network adapter on my cube)
Timesplitters 2

Conkers Bad Fur Day
WCW/NWO Revenge
Perfect Dark
Mario Kart 64

And there's always the PC with Counter Strike over LAN option.

I don't have many DS games. Planet Puzzle League, Super Mario and Brothers In Arms.

Yay, I'm excited!  

It's about a 4 hour drive for me. So it's a definite possibility.

Sorry it's about a 13-hour flight for me to be able to make it, not to mention the drive from California. Sorry, Bob. I can't make it this time, but it sounds pretty sweet.

Damn, that would have been cool.  I already get to tell my boss that a guy from Canada is coming down to our Wal*Mart to play in the tournament...  It'd be awesome to have someone from the land of Oz come in too.


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