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Mafia 89: RECVMake Neighbor Day 4

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Luigi Dude:
Based on the evidence, I'm going to have to go with Vote Bungle4.  There was only one hour left in the vote and ThePerm still had a 1 vote lead over Bungle4.  I can understand being worried, but changing their vote at the last minute when they were still safe just feels rather suspicious.


--- Quote from: Bungle4 on April 30, 2022, 08:28:10 PM ---In case you did not notice I was not that far behind in votes to ThePerm. If someone came in last minute they could have easily given me a plurality. Not to mention nobody was joining me in voting Stratos. I think it is more suspicious that TOPHATANT123 and Order.RSS did not vote for ThePerm and thus I vote TOPHATANT123

--- End quote ---

That's fair, I guess I don't have a great reason on why I didn't join the votes against ThePerm. I actually meant to reach out to him, but wound up procrastinating until there were already several votes out.

Looking at ThePerm's actions knowing their role now: 
Day 1: no votes, but does post (possibly to appear active?)
Day 2: starts thread with confusion on the Day ending early, i'm gonna say that's probably legit.
Then bandwagons the vote against Mop, which was already at 2-1-1 and pushes it to 3-1-1
Day 3: gets voted on, replies he keeps forgetting the game is on. Could be true. Notably does not vote when he could've stuck a vote on Bungle or Stratos to push them out instead.

It's certainly a logical fallacy to assume one Mafia member would copy the other's actions, so I'm not saying this is foolproof. But yesterday's vote sort of mirrors ThePerm on Day 2, where a majority was safe and someone extends the lead.

Combined with Perm not voting Stratos or Bungle to force a tie feels sus: Mafia is guaranteed to lose a member by letting the vote stand. Throwing it to a tie reduces the odds of a loss to 3/9 (33%). I don't see a reason not to go for that, unless you aim to bury a trail by voting one of your own out.

Vote Bungle4

Bungle4 has 4 votes.


One more vote for Bungle and holding for one hour will end the day early.

12 hours left in the day

Bungle4- Four votes on them

TopHatAnt123- One vote on them.

Bungle4 has been voted out.  They had 4 votes on them.

TopHatAnt123only had 1 vote.

Night actions start now and will run 24 hours or until I get all actions in and confirmation of the actions.

The Ashford Mafia has actions now. They can neighborize a player or use a mafia hit tonight.  One or the other.

Claire can send in an investigation or save an investigation.  Send me your choice on the forum PMs or on Discord messages.

Steve you can use a self protect and/or protection.  You know the deal at this point.

Osmond Sadler you can send me a message on who you want to block.

The 24 hour period starts now.


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