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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four..m A Mafia! Day 10.

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Whither story posts...  :-[

Announcements Post
Thank you for being patient with me. This was not a good time for me and the endgame as I've gone away on this long weekend and am away from my computer. Just have a crappy iPad in which half the touchscreen seems unresponsive or incorrectly selecting things. Finally got myself a decent computer I can use for a bit here to get this typed up and done.


Bungle5 - Townie (Killed by Day Vote)

Uh-oh. That's not good for the townies. What did the Mafia do?

Mafia Orders: Recruit

Well, if the recruit was successful, this would be Game Over. However, there is a chance it could fail because the Doctor is still in play and the rules state:

--- Quote ---The Doctor can protect any player they want from the night actions. This means the player cannot be killed (unless the player making the hit has an ability to nullify the protection) nor can the player be recruited or investigated.
--- End quote ---

The Doctor did send in a protection for Night 9. The Doctor choose to protect ThePerm.

Who did the Mafia select to recruit?

The Mafia choose....TOPHATANT123 aka Scornet Maestro/Townie Doctor. TOPHATANT123 did not have a non-recruitable status effect assigned to him. Therefore, TOPHATANT123 is successfully recruited into the Mafia as, let's say, a Red Pikmin. That means the Mafia has established a tie!

Stratos - Olimar
TOPHATANT123 - Red Pikmin
Order.RSS - Townie
ThePerm - Emperor Bulblax/Chief Detective


The winners of Mafia 88:


The game is over. Now you get to tell me how much you think this whole recruitment thing sucked and all the other stuff you didn't like about it or think needs to be changed for next time.  ;)

Breadbug is pleased with this endeavor as it means Breadbug gets to eat ALL of the food!

Stratos pulled off an impressive win.


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