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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four..m A Mafia! Day 9.

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My apologies. Sleeping in this morning and so I fell behind in getting this day going in a timely manner.

Announcements Post
Previous Day’s Results:


MASB - Blue Pikmin (Killed by Day's Vote)
Luigi Dude - Townie (Killed by Mafia Hit)
Wah - Baldy Long Legs/Vigilante (Killed by Bomb Rock)

Deaths are happening fast and furious now. Townies correctly eliminated a Mafia member yesterday. However, that was offset by the loss of Wah the Vigilante who had been doing a heck of a job in aiding the Townies with his hit selections. Sadly, he had a bomb rock tossed his way and he was unable to lose it before it blew up on him last night. Meanwhile, the Mafia made a successful hit on Luigi Dude which gave them a pellet worth 3 points which was added to the Master Onion's total.

Current Master Onion Total: 7

Voting Time: For Day 9, the Day Thread will be open for a maximum of almost 48 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at 2:00 PM EST Feb. 21 aka 11:00 AM PST Feb. 21. However, the Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 5 players still alive in this game meaning 3 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today’s Pikmin Music Selection: Let's go with The Keeper of the Lake as things get tense and serious here in the game today.

Game has resumed.

Wah deserves a state funeral, a true hero of the cause.

The entire game hangs in the balance. Just the 5 of us left.

As MASB was indeed the Blue Pikmin, this confirms that Xander's elimination had mafia involvement. I won't cast a vote yet because the threshold for a majority is so low, but care to explain yourself Bungle5?

I find it hard to believe a lesser ranking mafia member would vote for their own, unless they were following the example set by their leader.

I had suspected Luigi Dude could be the godfather with how quickly he led that bandwagon against MASB, but I was wrong about that. I didn't account for the damn bombs to still be in play after the death of the bomber.  Kinda sucks.

It would suck to have a townie majority alliance where there is only one mafia left go down because the bomber while dead still has power. The bombs really should have been deactivated after his death. Oh well.

I don't know if going down the vetted line is the best course.

Well I am glad I was wrong about MASB. I guess that makes me look bad but I meant everything I said, pellet posey's honor. I will vote with the group as I promised. Maybe we will get an update from the Detective and it will all become clear...


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