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Would You Like To Host Topic of the Day for a Week?


With the highly successful Topic of the Day Thread taking the Announcements Forum by storm (seriously, it has more views than the Forum Rules thread 8) ), it seems users cannot get enough of staying informed on the amazing highlights the NWR Forums have to offer.  ;)

That said, life has gotten more hectic this month than when I first started it. Moreover, I know there will be other times in the future coming up which will take on more demands of my time like the upcoming Mafia game I will be hosting. On the subject of Mafia games, I often know where I want to take the story or write about but put it off because of one hang-up or issue that then seems to cause a chain reaction of holding everything up. This week, it was the delay in posting the Weekly Reading post for Feb. 22 in the Topic of the Day Thread that ended up holding my back until now of posting in there. Even though I was checking in on the forums and knew what I'd want to make the topic of the day, I hated the idea of skipping a day. (Of course, skipping a bunch to then later post them all at once doesn't exactly seem to make any more sense.  :-[ :P)

I thought Pokepal would bump his thread in the Funhouse of there not being any topic of the day again when the delays first started but he surprised me by instead just taking on the role of posting a Topic for the Day. Moreover, a couple of his choices agreed with what I would have and finally did make for the TOTD. Sure, one could say that it is because there is still a limited selection to choose from. I'll admit, I had hoped to see more discussion happening by trying to highlight various topics of interest. Yet, I must also realize that if it is hard for me to keep up with the thread then it is probably just as hard as other users to post things here even if that desire may still be there for them like it is for me. So, I try to keep my expectations in check.

To get back on topic, I've tried to keep the process fair and highlight different subjects when I can but I've been open to other voices and users who might want to take a crack at it. Insanolord sent me a PM stating that he'd be willing to help carry it on if I was away or busy. I decided to take advantage of that a couple weekends ago and was also curious as to what those days would look like under his control. Pokepal has shown that he's paying attention to Discord discussions as well when he was throwing out topics for the past few days. While he selected a couple choices I didn't have in mind, it further showed me that maybe having a few other people involved in the thread could further help in making sure a diverse set of topics are highlighted. While it might seem like I'm shutting down Pokepal's choices by finally getting around to posting what I had planned or would have chosen for the past week's topics, that's not really the case. It was more just that I wanted to complete what I had always meant to do and didn't like leaving things unfinished. That's why I left his choices and posts in there along with mine.

To make sure the topics keep flowing regularly and don't get jammed up like they did, I suppose it would be wise to bring in a couple other users to help with it. I'm thinking a rotation which would be no longer than a week per person would help in this regard and make it much easier to keep that topic train moving. So, if you'd like to be a participant in deciding what meets the NWR Seal of Approval for a Topic of the Day then by all means sign-up below and you can experience that power for yourself.

Obviously I'm in. Let's do this!

That's 1.


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