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Oculus Quest 2: Entering the VR from the comfort of my BR

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Hey Everone,

got an Oculus Quest 2 for me and my daughter for Xmas.
Never really used VR before, so I was immediately blown away as this was very cool and kinda disorienting

Anyway, I would really like to get the most out of this that I can, so looking for the best experiences the Quest VR has to offer.

I just got my high speed Link cable in the mail yesterday, so I'm looking to expand into Qculus Link, Steam VR and whatever else that link should bring.

Games I've currently bought so far are as follows:
- Beat Saber  (crazy game)
- Vader Immortal pt1-3 (haven't gotten past the tutorial yet)

Other software includes:
- Echo VR
- Netflix, Youtube, Prime VR
and any other "free/demo" I could come across.

Congrats on joining the VR revolution  8)
Beat Saber is my favorite so good choice there. I also have Space Pirate Trainer which is like a VR Space Invaders. There is a demo so just try that out first. My new favorite is Dance Central which is a VR dancing game. I think it is way more fun than Just Dance but the music selection might be the deciding factor. I wold also recommend getting a VR counter-balance like the one here. It really helps stabilize the headset if you move around a lot (which you totally should be  ;D)
I almost forgot, Superhot is really awesome. I played on PSVR, but think it would be a better fit for Quest because you are standing and moving around.

Super Hot looks Super Hot, I might pick that up.

I have the Space Trainer demo. that was kinda cool. very short demo though.
I'll check out Dance Central, and some sort of VR Balance power pack combo thing.

Hooked up my Link Cable, and I guess i now need to upgrade my computer and build a new one to get the most out of some of these VR games at High Resolution.

edit: link to computer upgrade thread. Looking for advice

Jsut discoveres for some more independent 3rd party games.

This video put me on to it, and being able to easily access it direct from the headset, your phone, or from your computer.

just added some of the suggested games and plan to try them out later.

Also got the new computer set up
Ryzen 7
RTX 3070

and I still get "your computer does not meet the updated minimum requirements for Rift Gaming" message. Some of the games i saw it on require some sort of "Sensor" for 3d spacial awareness or something, and other require a gamepad, but at least one didn't require any of that, and I still got the message.

I haven't downloaded them yet, because I don't want to burn through my now imposed "data caps" on comcast at the beginning of the month, so I need to connect my computer to my cellphone wifi and download everything, as I have unlimited 5G on my phone. LOL

Maaaaan.... now that I got all these games downloaded (over my 5G connection. LOL)
the controllers decide they no longer want to hold a charge, so we can't even play the damn games.

With absolutely no help from the Oculus site or manual regarding the controllers themselves, I had to resort to the internet (just like w/ that Coolermaster Water Cooler in the computer thread), to find out how to even access the battery compartment or that I was able to access the battery compartment to access a rechargeable 1.5v AA Battery. So now I had to order that for delivery, while I continue to find the best way to sneak a charge.... I guess I'll burn through a regular AA battery if they are also 1.5. I have a bunch laying around.


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