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Hello everyone. I need to talk about something that isn't brought up often, and given the circumnstances and my multiple personal experiences, I need to talk about it more than ever.

This is the thing: I feel Nintendo games are becoming more and more unfairly hated lately, and that the people who love them are seen as targets of fans of other companies on the web, especially Sony's ones. And I'm saying this after a lot of experiences of being attacked by hundreds of people on forums for the mere reason of expressing genuine appreciation over Nintendo games.

This really sucks, I cannot express appreciation over the games I love the most without being seen as scum, and most importantly, the reason of why this is happening sucks even more: to cut it short, the reason of why Nintendo games are becoming so hated and reviled by people, is not because of their quality (which remained really high for the whole Switch's lifecycle (aside some exceptions like most of the Pokemon games and the Mario sports games), but because of hate and false informations spredt by the fans of the competition. This really sucks and is ruining completely Nintendo's games reputation. This is growing exponentially, and I fear that if this keeps growing it will eventually make Nintendo and his games dying and vanish from the scenes. Nintendo's games are being destroyed by a mass of lies said by a mass of dirty fanboys of the competition, and there's NOTHING That can be don about to stop it...

Considering that all of this comes from personal experiences, I'm surprised nobody has talked about it at all in this place. Am I the only who sees this?

Brand loyalty to the point of making your fandom an essential part of you identity and warring against other groups is an immature perspective. The people participating in such behavior are morons.

Find a community that allows you to participate in measured discourse. If Nintendo were so reviled/subject to disinformation, the Switch wouldn’t have multiple million+ pieces of software. The picture you’re painting sounds like an insular and out-of-touch community. Don’t worry about it.

If you start to find yourself disliking the Nintendo products you consume, try to quantify that feeling and find a good discourse-centered to community to share your thoughts. Otherwise, just play and enjoy the games.

Not sure if real or AI using the same talking points. Only instance of duplication I can find on the internet and even then it is written differently to suggest a person did just type up their thoughts again.

Let's say this is a real question or worry. First, this is something going on 20 years or more with MS, Sony, Sega, maybe PC gamers putting down the current state of Nintendo to promote their side/console as superior. Nintendo's been too kiddy, too casual and too behind in hardware power to name some of the various labels other fanboys have used to try and put down Nintendo and fans of their work. None of that has had any major effect on Nintendo or its business. They're still here and they've out out some of the most successful hardware and games in the past 20 years.

Second, Evan_B(rilliant) just pointed out, there's absolutely no evidence this is having any effect on Nintendo's business. Tears of the Kingdom has done incredible sales. I believe it is over 32 million copies sold. I think it may have outsold Breath of the Wild already or is close to it but its been awhile since I can recall some news on the sales figures. Pikmin 4 launched and is the best selling entry in the Pikmin franchise. If people were being influenced to hate Nintendo games then not enough people were getting that message. I fully expect Super Mario Bros Wonder will also do huge sales and business over the next couple months. Switch has a shot at surpassing PS2 for best selling hardware of all-time. If all the negativity from other fanboys was having an effect (especially with 20 years of negativity being thrown at them) then they should never have been able to accomplish this. They should have been slowly trickling down to a smaller and smaller market share.

Third, a lot of internet communities can be echo chambers, for good and bad. Sometimes, a minority voice can seem like a majority if that's the only community you engage in. It may be you just need to broaden out where you are talking to people on games. Also, it is extremely rare for people posting on message boards, chat rooms and a lot of other social media to actually have much of a real world effect on things. Is there something that you can actually see or point to that this "mass of lies" has caused any real world effect on people questioning the quality of Nintendo's games? Again, going back to Tears of the Kingdom, for a few months the posts I was seeing all over social media was from a lot of other game developers expressing amazement at what Nintendo was able to design and code for the game. It seems to me that the actual people in the industry making games recognize Nintendo is still a top-tier developer in the space. Heck, there was that recent leaked e-mail of how Phil Spencer at Microsoft wished upon a star of one day acquiring Nintendo as a way to conquer the videogames market. They likely wouldn't be bothering to think that if the perception is that Nintendo's software sucks. (And then you might see MS fanboys suddenly switch their mind to Nintendo games being awesome if they are part of this propaganda you are seeing which show just how meaningless it all is.)

You posted that you had "a lot of experiences of being attacked by hundreds of people on forums for the mere reason of expressing genuine appreciation over Nintendo games" and I guess at this point I'd like to see some actual examples of this to see what it is you are seeing because it is just not my experience. But again, the stuff I usually visit and post on is pretty much primarily Nintendo related so I'm in an echo chamber of my own. Which is fine by me since I usually don't have much interest or follow the competition too closely to be able to accurately talk about them anyways.

On the other hand, the hate and reviling I'll see against Nintendo these days isn't about their games or quality of those games. It's about Nintendo protecting their copyright which has caused the more recent accusations that "Nintendo hates their fans" and that they're really greedy. Yeah, it's terrible that Nintendo spent all that money to develop, test, and ship those games and now they won't let you piggyback off that time, effort and expense by being able to freely copy those assets for your own game. It's this time of dumb attack that I find way more annoying and a twisting of facts or repeated with no understanding of the situation.

Torchwick1234 and the Nintendo haters have been real quiet since you blew through this thread, Khush…

Also, it seems they edited the post, which is weird for AI standards? I don’t know.


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