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Episode 774: Wii U EU Sounds Like a Police Siren


The sound you hear is called "The Last Cry of the Dead Enders."http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/60588/episode-774-wii-u-eu-sounds-like-a-police-sirenThis is a bit of a deviation. We planned to do a bunch of email, but if you've been here for any stretch of time you know how that ended. The Lords of Thunder are dead, we are best defined in glacial references. This week we spend the entire first segment on a measly two emails. The first is an easy question: "what are some short Switch games for those who have lost the ability to dig in for long hours?" The second email is not a question, but a game, what games do Europeans consider games for "gamers." The answers may surprise you. Put on your flatcap, that I assume all Europeans are already wearing as they exit the womb, and get ready to guess.After a break we take a look at the, relatively uninformative, new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In true RFN fashion, a three minute trailer turns into a 40+ minute segment. We can never be concise. You can get your question over-answered by sending an email.

I really enjoy short story games. They're fun to play with other people, passing round the controller arguing about choices, if it's that kind of game.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is the pinnacle of multiplayer games in my opinion. But on Switch some of my favourites have been…

Tell Tale: The Walking Dead (all seasons)
Life is Strange: True Colors
Telling Lies

Cool Uncle Vince:
I really liked Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Switch, Apple Arcade).  It's about 5 hours long.

You're a little girl who wants to save a wildlife preserve on an island, and to get signatures for your petition, you help people via quests.  You also need to take pictures of every animal on the island, which really creates that Pokemon Arceus/Go "Oh shoot I haven't seen that one! Gotta go track it down!" gameplay loop.

My brother and I played through Playdead's inside yesterday. It was 2 dollars on steam and was fun for a few hours.


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