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Mafia 89: RECVMake Neighbor Day 2

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It'd be nice if the mafia just came forward. So feel free to do so at any time, Stratos.

Day 2, 1800 hours, Rockford Island. 2 of us already dead. But nobody seems to stay dead around here.

24 hours left in the day.

Somehow no votes.

Thinking about today, no votes might be best.

Consider: Ashford or whatever had the opportunity to neighborize right when the game began or just before it. Let's assume that was successful.

If so, that would mean there are 2 players on the Ashford side and 3 players on the Wesker side. 5 villains. There are currently 11 players left. That means almost half the players right now are Mafia. With how yesterday played out, it's more likely that another townie gets killed today instead of a Mafia player despite it being an almost 50/50 shot of correctly voting for a guilty party if you are a townie like me.

Moreover, considering what happened last time when a member of the opposing Mafia was neighborized leading to the traitor helping tear down that original Mafia they belonged to, it is better for a townie to wait and see if that happens here. By not voting another townie out by accident then you increase your odds of winning in two ways. One is that you help keep the townie faction larger by not eliminating members of it by mistake which may prove advantageous if the Mafias do target each other and decimate their own numbers in a Mafia war. Two, you may be neighborized instead which would also likely give you a better chance of victory as the Ashford Mafia can increase its number to the point of hypothetically neighborizing everyone in the game, thus making everyone a winner on the Ashford side.

With this in mind, I find the motivation to vote out others just isn't there for me. Better to make it harder for the Wesker Mafia by forcing them to expose themselves by trying to get other players voted out in an attempt to whittle down the numbers and thus get targeted. It will also leave them with a lot of hit choices to protect Ashford increasing the chances one of them gets converted and exposes the other members. A lot of players in the game also means it would take a much longer time for them to win which will further hurt their chances of victory as it gives someone like the investigator more time to get through players identities.

If folks want to go down the no vote route and there is no votes and no votes past the tie breaking period I will randomly kill someone so everyone isn't entirely safe but perhaps you want to chance not being selected to die via randomizer.

Just something to note.


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