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So, I've been in this community since I was 14 or 15...I'm 33

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Not sure the precise day I joined the NWR/PGC/PN2000/OPN2000 community, but it was around the time Ocarina of Time came out.  Anyhow. These bots. I just want to eliminate them. I'm seeing general chat get tanked right now.

It'd be nice to have forum software where the option to delete an account and all of its posts did both of those things and not just the first one.

Wowsers. I went to bed early last night around 8:00 pm. Normally I'm up a lot later and could have stopped that madness a bit sooner. I was just going through the deleted threads. That was about 25 pages of threads those 4 spam accounts created. That's incredible. Can't believe I missed out that moderator action. Those Chinese Koreans make a mean spambot.

It went from 6 pages, and then I checked it again and it was 8 pages, then I went to sleep.

Mother of Arceus...


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