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I think some forums are a little underutilized.

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I don't see the Gameplay Strategy and Hardware & Wi-Fi Support forums get much activity, and I didn't know if this made the entire NWR forums feel dead. Could questions relating to these two subjects not just be placed in Nintendo Console Gaming, Nintendo Handheld Gaming, or General Gaming? I think it would tidy the forums up, and make NWR look more inviting instead of looking weak in activity at certain portions of the site.

Sorry if this is not a smart idea. I apologize if it is!

I don't think it's really a problem. It's nice to have specific areas for certain topics, and not every section needs to be really active all the time.

Maybe we can convert one to the Movie forum I was suggesting? (I volunteer to moderate it).

I've been meaning to post a general gameplay guide for Captain Toad's final post-game level: Mummy Me Maze Forever. But yeah.

Mop it up:
The two of them could probably be combined at least.


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