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The Changes I LIKE about the new boards!


The number one thing I like about the new boards (although it may not be evident now because EVERYONE is new to these boards) is that their is NO post counter.  I don't know how many time some 14 year old (This didn't happen so much at PGC forums, but at IGN ones when it wasn't pay) group of kids would just dismiss my opinioin calling me a "newb" because my post count was like 100.  Just because post count is low doesn't mean you have any less knowledge or that your post is any less valid than the next persons.

The layout is awesome.  It's simple and easy on the eyes

Please don't bring in custom titles for the people who post the most, it would just lead to spamming.  I know you guys gave out special titles for people who baught stuff from PGC, and I think that is the way to go, titles should be given out at the mods discretion to a person who has baught something, or someone who has been an active member of the community and who ALWAYS has intelligent posts.... or something along those lines.

Avatars - Again, I like your decision to disable them.  Saves on bandwidth which means you save on money which means less popups for us, which means everyone wins

I like how the title links to Planet Gamecube now and not just back to the forum homepage, their are already enough of those buttons... and I always found it annoying that when I wanted to go back to the news page that I had to type it back in.

This post was mostly in response to all the bitching that was going on in the other post about how people don't like the colour scheme.  It's a well known fact that when people like something, 90% of them do not comment on it... but when someone dislikes something, 90% of them do.

Just wanted to let you guys know that not everyone needs a name that is Size 82 Font and is white letters with a yellow highlight.

Thanks! As far as the post-counter and custom titles tied to posts are concerned, those are features that Rick purposely disabled for the very reasons you mentioned.  There are also a lot of great features that this board has that people won't be seeing unless they play around.  Some examples are the on-board private messages, buddy lists, and the quote button.  

There are some slick extra functions for our moderators too. One of the more convenient ones is the ability to notify users when a thread is moved.  I can't tell you how much grief that will save everyone.  It was always frustrating to have people complain about us "deleting" their threads when they were simply moved to a more appropriate area.


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