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PGCs Effect on Nintendo's Userbase.

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Here you are, probably the biggest Nintendo fansite. Sure, theres proffesional gaming sites(though you are quite proffesional yourselves) but really it seems as though if your a Nitnendo fan and want to Talk about
Nintendo with other people this is the place to go. Like i said there is IGN... a bigger audience(but PGC has higher standards)but IGN is dominated by more general groups rather then just Nintendo fans(the idea is the overall topic areas desaturate the potency of their boards). Also, it seems as though those boards only reflect what these boards beleive. PGC sets the Nintendo forum trends.

So how do you go about managing such a thing. So powerful you have become. Really, i hope this new board can keep the moral up. This new board has started off on a very positive note; for some reason the other boards are dismal. Often times spammed by illiterate trolls and jaded whiney close minded bitches.
Lets keep the positive up.


new board has started off on a very positive note; for some reason the other boards are dismal.
--- End quote ---

That's because all the fanboys haven't found it yet.    

very true indeed

Well, we've already had to ban one troublemaker, but other than that, I'd say this Forum is off to a great start.  Problem is, as the userbase increases, so does the signal to noise ratio.  Not much we can do about that.

As for our effect, I'm sure we're all flattered that you think so.  I'd like to think that Nintendo is starting to take notice as well, but sometimes it's very hard to get any sort of feedback from them.  Knowing that you guys enjoy what we do, and taking pride in our work is often enough for us.  But I'd be lying if I said that we didn't strive for more.  

Well, PGC WAS on the Nintendo.com survey.   It would be interesting to see the results of that question...


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