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Episode 871: My Hands and My Nose Are Clean


The elder doth protest too much, methinks.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/66936/episode-871-my-hands-and-my-nose-are-cleanThis week we only talk about cocaine twice. I'm going to tag Horace Showpony accordingly. You use Benny Franks, he uses carrots. We are not the same.Our primary focus this episode is on Wednesday's Indie World Showcase. We talk about a lot of games, but focus our attention on games with demos: Antonblast and Europa. Gui and James are both also playing games that were featured in the Japanese showcase: Sagres and The Exit 8. Every game shown is at least given a mention, but there are just too many cats, and not enough reverb to list them all here.Traditional New Business follows the Indie World talk with impressions of Game Center CX Arino's Challenge 1 + 2 Replay from Greg, Super R-Type (from Jon), and the new Fallout tv series (from Guillaume).And that's it! No Listener Mail this week. But next week? We'll be down Greg, so flood the inbox with your creative writing exercise.


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