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But this is not a goodbye from me. I'm still looking forward to checking in here and posting things when I can and still trying to be a part of the community and discussions. It's more that I'm appreciating circumstances in my life are changing as they do for everyone and that change affects the way I spend my time and days in new ways. While Topic of the Day may not have seemed like something worth spending such a long wrap-up on, it is the thread which has most made clear to me that a change in my thinking and forum engagement has already occurred and is probably necessary. Because of that, I just wanted to post on that reflection and how it has happened. Rather than just posting out of some obligation I've put on myself for keeping things active or to rouse up enthusiasm to have others follow my lead in increasing activity, it's time to just post because it is something I feel like posting and because I happen to have the time to do so.

Even though days or maybe even weeks might pass in between my postings, don't worry. You can still find me here because.... I'll be around.

Also, I'd say it is time to lose the Animal Crossing avatars. That's so pandemic lockdown ago.

Understandable Khush, no worries. I usually click every category with new posts because I don't like unread sections (great idea for me to be on Discord too :rolleyes:). As such I've read most of the posts in this thread, and yeah, it's a bit redundant to highlight new posts - but it's also a lot to ask for you to dig up old topics every day.
Regardless though, thanks for the effort over the months.

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on July 10, 2020, 12:06:34 AM ---Also, I'd say it is time to lose the Animal Crossing avatars. That's so pandemic lockdown ago.

--- End quote ---

I'm just waiting for Metroid Mafia avatars to become retro cool.

Wow, big post Khush! (And sorry it took a week plus to read.)

Can definitely related to some of the things you've said. Since lockdown started, I've generally been super busy - things are just starting to get better now, and I'm hoping to take a few days off over the next month or two. Between that, and not having a Switch, and having two kids, gaming has been a forgotten hobby. Trying to read gaming forums or have anything useful/valid to say has been more challenging than I'd like to admit.

With that said, I like the people here and y'all haven't kicked me out yet, so won't be going anywhere even if not posting very often. Hopefully others are in the same boat, and keep posting irreverent things whenever the urge hits.

Long read as expected Khushrenada....   You would think during a pandemic and not being able to go anywhere would bring more discussion but I have to say I have been catching up with my small Switch library and playing it a lot so I guess in an ironic twist I am not posting as much as I would normally be posting on a video game forum but I am playing games and trying to work on myself so not much time to post on the forums.   

I do like the idea of an topic of the day and I think it should make a return when there is a lull in activity like when there isn't many releases and when the next console is on the horizon.   I kinda picture something like that topic a few months or so before a consoles release so we can look back on the topics that were good discussion topics and just highlight that topic as a way to look back before looking forward to the next console. 


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