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Hey! DC's got stuff too... (Official Thread for the DCU of Movies and TV)

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Finally. I can beat BlackNMild2k1 to a bit of DC news and start a separate DC thread that no one is asking for.

Anyways, this bit of news has to do with Superman. He can finally appear on the Supergirl TV show allowing him to take the spotlight away from the main character by actually appearing on screen instead of just doing it off screen and staying obscured.

One of the potential casting rumors is that of Tom Welling playing Superman, which I think is kind of funny, but I don't think will actually happen. Even better would be if Michael Rosenbaum were to play the role. Still, it looks like the DC TVU has another chance at outdoing its MovieU with how it handles Superman's emergence into it.

Looks like everything's coming up DC now.

This is is only for the first 2 episodes, I am guessing he isn't a regular cast member.  Which is too bad, because I always thought Supergirl plays much better as a character Superman can mentor because it helps Superman become more human.  However, they are going a different direction with Supergirl in this series with her being older but also younger.

I just they CW uses this season or next season to really combine all these DC shows and have one giant season long story arc.  Or at least finish up their regular series stories a week or two early and do a mega crossover mini-story if you wrote an 8 part mini series you could tell an amazing story with all these characters. 

It was already mentioned in the "New Movies and TV to Watch for" thread but there a crossover storyline involving all 4 shows next year But I think it will only be 4 episodes long. 1 in each show. Still, I'm looking forward that. Last year's Flash/Arrow crossover was really good and in general, whenever the shows crossover a couple characters into an episode, it generally seems to up that show's game for at least that episode like the King Shark episode in Flash and the Flash/Supergirl crossover. Hope they keep that trend going.

BranDonk Kong:

I think it'd be cool if it was the Smallville guy, but I don't watch the show anyway.

Still on the fence about seeing Justice League in theatres.


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