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IT'S MAHVEL BAYBEE!! [OT] for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies & TV)

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That looks great, imo. A nice, sci-fi romp. I'm all in.

Trouble in the land of the MCU TV..... as if the quality of the shows didn't speak for themselves.

Daredevil got hit with the RESET as they scrap the current show, fire the writers and directors and apparently are starting over. And lots of stories of how troubled the Marvel TV productions was as they were being run by movie people like long movies instead of TV shows by TV people. Feige is looking to remedy that going forward starting with Daredevil.

Maybe hire the previous Daredevil people and just corral them on how the series is supposed to fit into the MCU and trust them.

Iron Heart wraps filming.

Hopefully this is the one to bring the excitement back to the MCU

I saw an interesting proposal for a What If!?... S3 episode, or even a miniseries/multi episode arc.
Thought it would be interesting to discuss.

What if.... The other half blipped

As in Tony Stark, Hulk, Thor, Cap, and Captain Marvel etc etc all blipped, and Black Panther, Bucky, Spider, Wanda and Strange all stuck around....

Does it take them 5 years to figure it all out? Do they win at all? Do they just retest to an alternate dimension in the multiverse?

How would you all imagine that playing out?


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