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Khush's new #1 Priority.....?

Get Insanolord/MegaByte to UPGRADE THE FORUM SOFTWARE.
(we don't have to stick to SMF if they refuse to release something modernized and stable)

I'm seeing alot of excuses but I'm not seeing any updates to the forum software. :ph:

Aaron isn’t really here anymore, and I have no idea how to do it, so I would have to convince the new webmaster to make the change. I was hoping to wait for the new major update to SMF that’s been on release candidate 2 for a long time now, but that has not been forthcoming.

I'm about to stage a peaceful protest....

although we may loot the Funhouse, depending on how things go.

Clearly we've gotta loot Talkback. That's the only way to get the staff's attention.


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